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As 2023 is off to a chaotic start (thanks, Mars and Mercury in Retrograde), many are wondering what this year has in store for us. Naturally, the planetary transits taking place this year will have effects on everyone. However, they will likely manifest differently for each sign—with a distinct focus on some more than others.

Many of us are stepping into different “eras,” which often represent a reset or a description of our current life—villain eras may mean setting boundaries, flop eras may mean feeling like nothing is going your way, or a “reputation” era may include purging social media and being reclusive for some time. Yet for a few zodiac signs, 2023 is a year where they will step into a Main Character era (or at least carry some serious #maincharacterenergy). Main Character Energy is often attributed to a person putting themselves first and making choices and decisions that will ultimately benefit them and lead them to a better path. For a few zodiac signs, this year is all about this concept, with the focus on stepping into their path and truly discovering (and owning) their power and influence rather than sitting aside and allowing life to happen to them.

Check out which zodiac signs below will be the Main Characters of 2023 (as well as a few notable side characters).

The Main Characters: Aries and Taurus


This is a pretty distinct year for you, Aries. A few transits this year are setting the tone: a Solar Eclipse taking place in your sign on April 20th and Jupiter moving through your sign for the earlier half of the year, and later the North Node making its introduction into your sign for the latter half.

Solar Eclipses are often associated with a powerful energy that signifies big change, even significant breakthroughs, and can feel a bit chaotic. This period will kick off moments to make big shifts and truly take steps to pursue new things, even if they feel out of reach. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and growth, will also be in Aries from January through May, indicating opportunities that can truly be life-changing. With these two transits appearing in your 1st House of Self, this is a radical experience of self-discovery, with the actual push behind you to achieve and pursue the path you want to be on.

During the latter half of the year, Jupiter will shift out of your sign but will experience the North Node moving into Aries for the remainder of 2023. The North Node is a celestial coordinate representing the path you are taking in this life—you hear it paired with words such as “destiny” and “life purpose.” This transit often brings to light the sign it’s in, in a way that allows it the opportunity for a person to step into their path and purpose, which can benefit them if they are willing to do the work.

So ultimately, what does this mean? It means that Aries placements will finally feel the breakthrough they’ve been waiting for, have plenty of opportunities to grow and address those goals and dreams, as well as a beaming light directing them to exactly where they need to go in this life! Aries signs, an already confident bunch, will feel even more empowered to take the reigns of their life and do something with it. Of course, with all growth comes growing pains, which doesn’t mean every moment will be easy, but it does point to the belief that even the difficult moments will be worth it in the long run.


Oh, Taurus—you are no stranger to feeling the pressure of the world pushing you towards growth (2022’s Eclipse seasons were representative of that). 2023 is also pushing you but in a more distinct, guided way. Like Aries, you have an Eclipse (a Lunar Eclipse happening October 28th), the North Node starting in your sign, and Jupiter making its way to you for the second half of the year.

To start, The North Node is a celestial coordinate representing the path you are taking in this life—often associated with ideas of destiny and life purpose. This transit often brings to light the sign it’s in, almost like a spotlight. North Node is willing to show you how to achieve and fulfill your purpose, but it won’t hand it to you—you have to do the work. You’re already familiar with this sign’s energy and have likely been feeling a push towards something greater, something more significant that aligns with who you are as a person. The possibility of an opportunity to engage with this purpose may show up, though it’s up to you to make something of it.

Once May rolls around, the shift of the North Node will move into Aries, and you’ll be greeted with Jupiter instead—which will feel more like a breath of fresh air after a determined, hardworking season. Jupiter is the planet of abundance and growth, as well as luck. This is a season where your hard work will appear to pay off, and the purpose you’ve been working towards will feel much clearer and more attainable with the help you may receive. Finally, a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus will take place on October 28th, helping you to release the final things you’ve been clinging to that have been holding you back from stepping into your fullest self. Lunar eclipses often signify dramatic endings, which can be difficult, but the rest of your journey throughout the year will make it clear that it’s necessary.

So what does this ultimately mean for Taurus? After a year starting with hard work and intense determination, the fruits of your labor will be ready to appear. It will feel as if the things you’ve been going through make sense, and while the journey won’t always feel easy, it will feel worth it—and you won’t want to hide away from celebrating it.

Notable Side Characters: Libra and Scorpio


With your sister sign, Aries, experiencing a lot of growth and transformation this year, it’s no surprise that you will also experience some of these effects as well. A few other notable moments for you in 2023 involve a Solar Eclipse in your sign on October 14th, signifying a breakthrough or fresh change that may be surprising, even a little dramatic. However, Solar eclipses carry with them the push to make those changes, so don’t be afraid to embrace it. Additionally, the South Node—a celestial coordinate associated with our past lives, our comfort zones, learned lessons, and the aspects of ourselves we know deeply—will make its way into your sign for the second half of 2023. This period will feel more reflective and push you to pay attention to how far you’ve come in this life. You may make discoveries about yourself in this time or learn to understand yourself better—all beneficial parts of growth and change that won’t exactly put you in the spotlight, but it’s not needed right now.


Your sister sign of Taurus is undoubtedly a main character this year, though you may experience some of the side effects in distinct areas of your life. Eclipse season in 2022 certainly pushed you to acknowledge who you are and what you wanted. The conclusion of that eclipse season for you ends this year, particularly with a Lunar Eclipse in your sign on May 5th. Lunar Eclipses are often associated with significant endings and releasing of things we’ve been desperately clinging to. This may feel dramatic and difficult, but it will ultimately be a release that allows you not to stay hung up on the past. Additionally, the South Node—a celestial coordinate that is associated with our past lives, our comfort zones, learned lessons, and the aspects of ourselves we know deeply well—will be in your sign from January-May, which will feel like a push towards reflection and what you’ve learned so far in this life. This inward-looking work will not be pushing you towards the limelight the way Taurus will be, but it will be an important time of understanding yourself better, which will pave the path for a brighter future this year and beyond.

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