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Scorpions never forget when someone has betrayed or harmed them. In fact, Scorpions can be very obsessive about feelings of betrayal or revenge; they can hold onto something so tightly that every time they think about it, the pain associated with it is a little more vivid. Time can heal all wounds for most people, but not for Scorpio – they are going to have to find their own way to heal.


Bulls are thoughtful, so when something catches their eye and registers with them, they will remember it long after other people have forgotten it. Perhaps this is why Taurus tends to be careful, especially who they trust and who they trust. They remember their mistakes and are not likely to repeat them. If you have hurt Taurus in one way or another, he will long remember his grudge and take care of it.


Cancers tend to remember how they felt for a while and this emotion helps to provide further details. They remember their relationships very well. Love can make Cancers possessive because they rarely forget the good times or how amazing it was. The negative aspects of their ex may disappear in the background, but they will never forget how much it made them feel.


Virgins never forget the facts and the answers; they have big brains and they know how to use them. It is rare for a Virgo to forget something in an area that interests her, and if she forgets, she will relearn it and get even more information. Virgoes keep information better than any other zodiac sign, and they are generally happy to show their knowledge. You don’t want them to be your opponent in a trivia contest or an intellectual challenge.


Capricorns remember dates and important tasks well. If they promised to do something – like watering your plants or picking you up after your dental surgery – you won’t have to remind them because they will remember them. Capricorns are reliable, responsible and never forget. If memory is something difficult, they will do their best to deal with it and make peace with it. They have the capacity to forgive, even if they cannot forget.

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