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These 7 Zodiac Signs Can Read Your Energy

Although this is not always the case, some people are very good at understanding the zodiac signs. We all get different abilities depending on our zodiac signs, but some signs seem to get more than others. If you’ve ever had a friend who could pick up on what you’re feeling without even having to explain anything to him, it might be one of those signs.

These are the zodiac signs that tend to be the most attentive to the energy world. While there are exceptions to this, most people born under these zodiac signs can read other people at a level that is quite mind-boggling.


can get into the feelings of other people and know when they are chickening out. Because Taurus reacts so strongly, people try to hide something from him. However, these efforts are not working.


Cancers can usually sense when someone has changed their way of thinking or is trying to use them, whether they respond or not. Although they usually keep toxic people around, they don’t know that these people are toxic.

They may feel frazzled and in many situations, this puts them in a bad mood. They will always keep you company after all is said or done.


Geminis are the ones who can’t lie. One of the reasons Gemini is a master of communication is that they can pick up on things that others can’t. When someone is feeling out of place, Gemini knows how to make them feel at home and what going on in his head.


Leo is someone who can feel changes as they happen. For example, if someone is in a good mood and something starts to change, Leo will notice it.

Leos can tell when someone is hurt and will often go out of their way to make things right, even if the problem isn’t related to them at all.


Virgo can smell negativity a mile away. They are patient and give the person with that negativity time to show up, and then quickly cut that person out of their lives.

Although this sign understands that their help is often overlooked, they do their best to keep the general mood up to par. Of course, Virgos are quite critical, but not without reason.


Scorpio sees the masks that other people are hiding behind. If someone is fake, he can recognize him pretty quickly. You can’t just show them your mask and expect them to accept it for who it is, this will never happen with a Scorpio.

In many ways, this may explain why Scorpio is in no hurry to let other people into their lives.


Sagittarius is very sensitive to energy and can tell when he or she is not sincere towards them. They recognize such people very quickly.

Their intuitive side is not something they can ignore and it makes them feel like they have to keep going their way in this life. In many ways, this may be one of the reasons Sagittarius is so fickle.

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