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These Zodiac Signs Are Extremely Unlucky At The End Of December

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How bad luck can you have!? This is what the three zodiac signs think in December. Things aren’t going so smoothly for them at the end of the year. We’ll tell you here who the unlucky people are in December.


People born in Libra are known for their particular recklessness, which is more pronounced in them than in other zodiac signs. In December, it is quite likely that the zodiac sign will be careless at the most inopportune time and thereby make a serious mistake. Bad luck comes naturally. But there will also be sunnier times again.


People born in Cancer are considered to be the most economical signs of the zodiac. They never splurge and would rather hoard their savings than simply squander them. However, dancers are also strongly guided by their emotions. So close to Christmas, this means that the zodiac sign quickly becomes financially bogged down – perhaps even because it wants to make someone very happy. Poor unlucky people!


Aquarius-born people are ready to get started with their flirting in December. What they most want is to meet one or the other. Unfortunately, this is not going to be so easy. The zodiac sign quickly realizes that it is not quite emotionally ready. This little steamer causes displeasure, but it just takes time!

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