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The 6 most jealous zodiac signs in astrology

Jealousy is a strange and complex thing. We are overcome with this feeling of insecurity and we simply cannot help but feel it.

ave you ever been envious of someone because they were better than you at something or had something you wanted? This is jealousy. In love, things are even worse.

Jealousy is such a complex concept. We hurt people and interfere with other people’s lives because of this feeling that brings out the worst in us. We are overcome with a sense of insecurity and anxiety that makes us attach ourselves to the lives of others and that causes so much harm to people, even if we do not intend to.

Now, based on astrology, unlike the most jealous signs, not everyone experiences this feeling. It depends on our personality

Some of us don’t care at all about other people’s achievements, while others feel immense anger when someone approaches their ex-partners, for example.

The worst part is that the person doesn’t want to be with the ex again, they just don’t want to see someone else enjoying it – that’s what jealousy does.

Those who are not usually jealous are different. They have understanding, compassion or simply don’t care. That’s how everyone should be, but jealousy is not easy to control.

Jealousy is like a disease and it overwhelms a person whether he wants it or not

Now, the real question we would like to know the answer to is which zodiac signs are the most jealous.

If you ever meet these signs, you should run away. But if you’re dealing with the ones that aren’t on this list, you should be thankful.

The 6 most jealous zodiac signs in astrology


Scorpio is by far the most jealous zodiac sign in astrology. He doesn’t trust people at all, which leads him to often make false accusations created out of pure jealousy.

Scorpio can’t control his feelings, he radiates jealousy even when someone is just sitting next to his partner.


Cancer is jealous quite often, but has the talent to hide this.

He is the victim of envy, but he is the best at hiding this feeling. No one around him suspects what he feels, but when he is overcome by the situation, everything turns into a show.


Leo is undoubtedly the most beloved and passionate zodiac sign in astrology.

But when his partner pays attention to someone else more than him, the jealousy switch turns on. Leo craves the attention of everyone around him, and if he doesn’t get it, he becomes a jealous wreck.


Virgo is very jealous, but not when it comes to relationships and love.

She tends to be very critical of herself, and if someone does something better than her, then she becomes envious and turns everything into a big competition.


Aries puts passion into everything and is quite changeable in terms of his mood, which sometimes makes him filled with envy and jealousy. When Aries is jealous, they act quickly.

He tends to be impulsive, which causes him to act on his emotions, even if he doesn’t want to. Aries is not as jealous as the other zodiac signs above, if when they are, you should run out of their way.


Even though Taurus tends to be possessive and insecure, they usually don’t have a jealous side. He is patient and understanding enough to know when to act on that feeling or not.

If he happens to be jealous or envious, it means that something is bothering him very, very much.

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