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These Zodiac Signs Are Ready For An Open Relationship

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Have you ever questioned whether a long-term monogamous relationship is right for you? After a few months with a partner, do you long for the feeling of being in love again? Then you might have a predisposition to open up your relationship. Maybe you’re one of the three zodiac signs with which things work most easily.


Why Pisces is suitable for an open relationship: An open relationship requires honest and open communication with everyone involved. Pisces scores point here because they demand the truth from others and are also very honest. They are also sensitive and can therefore consider the feelings of their partners.

Challenges for Pisces in an open relationship: Unfortunately, Pisces is also known for not being particularly decisive. So you should always ask yourself whether you are getting involved in an open relationship simply because you cannot commit to a partner.


Why Aries are suitable for an open relationship: Aries are self-confident and don’t project their insecurities onto their partners – a big advantage for open relationships! They are also open-hearted and can share their love with several people at the same time.

Challenges for Aries in an open relationship: When implementing an open relationship, Aries can sometimes be a little impatient with their partner. You should therefore definitely be aware that you should not open a relationship overnight.


Why Sagittarius is suitable for an open relationship: Sagittarius are freedom-loving people who quickly feel restricted in a monogamous relationship. However, with their tolerant and open nature, they can thrive in an open relationship.

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Challenges for Sagittarius in an Open Relationship: Sometimes Sagittarius can be quite gullible. Therefore, you cannot always read between the lines when those involved in the open relationship are unknowingly hurt.

Not everyone is made for an open relationship – and that’s not a bad thing! The following zodiac signs should say goodbye to the idea…


Why Scorpios are not suitable for an open relationship: Scorpios are one of the most jealous zodiac signs of all. Even with no amount of open communication, they couldn’t bear the thought of their partner becoming intimate with someone else.


Why Cancers are not suitable for an open relationship: Cancers are simply so romantic that they strive for the ideal of a monogamous long-term relationship. With their easily vulnerable nature, they are also not the best candidates for an open relationship.


Why Taurus are not suitable for an open relationship: Taurus is just incredibly possessive in relationships and could never share their partner or partners with anyone. In an open relationship with them, jealousy dramas would be inevitable.

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