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“This Is What We Buy”: How Zodiac Signs Behave At The 11.11 Sale

We know how you will behave during the November sales.

Very soon, two of the biggest sales of the year will take place one after another – 11.11 and Black Friday. This is that “magical” period when you can buy an item, equipment, or cosmetics that you have wanted for a long time at a good price. However, the influence of zodiac signs is also evident in the approach to shopping. From our article, you will learn how representatives of 12 constellations reveal themselves during the grand sales of goods.

Aries – shows aggression

For gambling and competition-loving Aries, the sale turns almost into a sporting event in which they need to win at any cost. Therefore, people with this sign can cause a scandal in a store if they decide to buy offline, push potential competitors with their elbows, or even snatch the goods they need out of their hands. They conduct online shopping a little more calmly, but still try to be among the first to add sale items to the cart.

Most often, the subject of increased interest of the aggressive and uncompromising Aries is newfangled technology or clothing, because people of this sign always want to be in trend.

Taurus – pre-studies all the information

Deep down, practical Taurus is sure that sales are designed for simpletons and people with an unstable emotional background. For this reason, people of this sign are always aloof from the general turmoil, but sometimes even an eclipse affects them. However, before panicking in the closet for a shopper, representatives of the zodiac will study in detail the offers in other stores and scour sites that meet their needs. If Taurus sees real benefits for himself, he will even get out of the house to buy himself useful household helpers: a new washing vacuum cleaner or a universal food processor.

Gemini – savors every moment on sale

The more noise, the better – this is the Gemini motto. People of this sign love any sales for the opportunity to show themselves and look at others. It doesn’t matter what products this or that store offers because the main charm for Gemini is the unique atmosphere of bustle. Representatives of the sign go to sales as if they were on holiday, joyfully looking for designer vintage clothes at an attractive price. When buying things, Geminis can start small talk with sellers and buyers and do not regret long runs of time and effort.

Cancer – proudly stays at home

Cancers are suspicious and distrustful of the world around them, so they generally do not attend sales. Having heard good news from loved ones about a grandiose event, they cross their arms over their chests and demonstrate complete indifference. Moreover, particularly suspicious representatives of the brand begin to dissuade relatives from such a step, explaining that there is deception everywhere: that this is how unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to push away stale goods.

Leo – buys like it’s the last time

Leos are crazy shopaholics. They buy everything bad at sales. Representatives of the sign are especially partial to brands and status items. Seeing discounts on them, they lose their minds and go to extremes. Leos can emotionally buy up half the store. Everything can fall into their basket: from handbags to coffee grinders.

Attending sales with Leos is more expensive for you. Because in the heat of the moment, these shopaholics can run around the store all day tirelessly until they find themselves surrounded by a bunch of bags with things that come from nowhere. Leos will certainly lament at least half of what they bought later.

Virgo – never loses her head

The complete opposite of Leo and Virgo. People of this sign never change their rational approach. If you want to see what super endurance looks like in reality, take Virgo shopping. Representatives of the zodiac, with a magician’s gesture, will take a list of necessary things out of their pocket and will never deviate from the set course. They will also never succumb to the persuasion of sellers and will maintain consumer composure even during Black Friday.

Attending a sale with a Virgo is safe, but very boring because people of this sign definitely cannot be persuaded into at least one impulsive purchase. No improvisation.

Libra – maintains dignity and good manners

Even at the coolest sale, Libras do not lose their human appearance: they certainly will not get into a fight for the right to own, for example, a vintage Gucci handbag. Even if it was offered at a very cool price. Representatives of the sign behave at such events with dignity and radiate goodwill. While other shoppers are rushing around the store, trying to find the best deal, Libra aesthetes are looking at a snail’s pace for something that will decorate their home: a beautiful lamp, curtains for the kitchen, or a beautiful bedside table. At this rate, they are often left with nothing, but even then they are not upset, considering that they had a great time and unwind.

Scorpio – looking for a catch in everything

Scorpios attend sales solely to sabotage the entire process. Once in the store, they immediately begin to look for “jambs” in the goods: defects, stains, protruding threads. Having discovered what they want, Scorpios are delighted and loudly call the sellers to catch them in deception. People of this sign love to work for the public and often engage in so-called “consumer terrorism.” For example, they may demand to reduce the price even more and encourage customers to leave the store. In this case, the main thing is not to be fooled by Scorpio’s provocations and not to support his discontent. With this approach, representatives of the sign quickly calm down. More often than not, their catch at a sale is a favorite perfume at a bargain price.

Sagittarius – spends money

Sagittarians go to great lengths at sales and start throwing away money. More than anything else, they love to buy things that are somehow related to travel. Arriving at the scene of action and promising themselves to buy only a thermal mug, they return home with a tent, a backpack, and a pot. Afraid of going cheap and missing the right moment, Sagittarius may duplicate their purchases. That is why their house is littered with a bunch of identical things.

Capricorn – gets upset and wilts

Practical Capricorn prepares for a sale in advance: he puts himself in the right frame of mind and spends a long time fantasizing about what he will buy. However, in a real situation, he experiences more disappointment than joy. The thing is that at sales Capricorn comes to sad thoughts that prices could be lower, and the goods leave much to be desired in quality.

Usually, the expectations of this sign are at odds with the current state of affairs since he places too high hopes on sales and naively hopes to buy office supplies for practically nothing. But thrifty and
thrifty Capricorns should not assume that they will be able to snatch goods almost for free.

Aquarius – rejoices like a child

Aquarians love sales like children love New Year. Usually at such events they give free rein to their inner child and buy useless things: huge teddy bears, ship models, or collectible figurines. Aquarians like to attend such events, because here they can realize their secret
passions calmly buy a useless item, and then say “Yes, this is worth a penny.” At such a time, even capricious representatives of the sign stop being mischievous and stubborn, rejoicing and having fun at the embodiment of a frivolous desire.

Pisces – gets depressed

Pisces loves and hates sales just as much. They love it because they can buy themselves something they
have long dreamed of, but they hate it because money tends to run out too quickly. Often, Pisces starts calling loved ones and relatives, urging them to help buy an unnecessary, but such an interesting thing: handmade soap, a homemade table, or a retro brooch. Knowing full well that they will not use the item for its intended purpose, Pisces still persuades others to fork out money, and then… fall into depression after discovering a dozen more “essential” goods.

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