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This Is What Your Valentine’s Day Will Be Like, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


(March 21–April 19)

This time of year always makes you feel extra passionate and even a little bit spontaneous. Be careful! If your passion isn’t matched right away, your fired up energy might cause you to have a bit of temper. Don’t worry–someone will match your capacity to love and to be full with fire, just like you. Pull back until that happens.


(April 20–May 20)

Whether if you’re already in a relationship or if you’re looking to reach the next level with someone, you’re going to be feeling so good about it all that it’ll almost feel like a dream. This will only happen, however, if you make an effort. Be courageous and go after what you want. Intense love can be yours only if you let it.


(May 21–June 20)

Think about the course you’re on. Think about what your love life could be like if you did something a little different. Your new path might be full of twists and turns, but the relationship you have (or want to have!) with someone will prove its purpose in your life, only if you’re willing to make changes to see how things could go.


(June 21–July 22)

As long as you make an effort, things will be in your favor. You’ll have to literally put yourself out there and meet people in order to find a potential partner. I promise, connections are just around the corner. It might be more of a private connection, but still, it’s something. You can’t hold back and keep people from noticing you.


(July 23–August 22)

You have this erotic and passionate side to you and though it’s strong, you need to fight it. Put some energy into the more sensitive side that might be hidden in you deep down. Think about emotions and feelings rather than just bodies. Intimacy is more than just a physical thing.


(August 23–September 22)

You’re gonna have some realizations about what pleasure really means to you. Indulge in what makes you feel good and remind yourself that a random hookup with a garbage human being is not the way to go. It might be what you want in the moment, but it won’t make you feel good in the long run and you know it. Think about who and what sparks joy.


(September 23–October 22)

You might have been feeling pretty serene lately–so hold on to that feeling and let it blend in to your relationships. Expect the unexpected and expect it to not be good. Remember: serenity, serenity, serenity. Remember to balance the feelings you have for someone because it will keep you going.


(October 23–November 21)

Don’t get too deep into your own head and don’t be so strategic with certain people. Just be yourself and if you just so happen to be super intense and ready to dive into something serious with your significant other, so be it! Showing that you have a real desire for this person should be effortless.


(November 22–December 21)

You like to be a social butterfly and you like when people are drawn to you. You might want to be paired up with someone, cuddling and getting hot under the sheets, but you need to remember how it important it is to take time for yourself. Appreciate any and all alone time. Self-love, baby!


(December 22–January 19)

Luck is on your side, especially in the relationship department. You just can’t avoid being mushy. Take a chance on love. Send someone special a cute Valentine’s Day card. Indulge in romance and remember that this can totally be a good thing for you.


(January 20–February 18)

Love might be turning into a war. There’s going to be a lot of differences coming into light. There’s going to be a lot going on and it might not be an easy thing. Pause. Take a moment to reflect. Remember who you are and embrace your talents. Proceed with caution.


(February 19–March 20)

You might be tempted to go out and spend a lot of money on your significant other, whether if you’re in a relationship or just on a first or second date with a cutie you met recently. Don’t give in to the temptation of the finer things in life! Stay at home with this person or do something chill and relaxed. That’s your best bet. Simplicity is sentimental.

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