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The Most Secretive Top 5 Signs Of The Zodiac.

We all have something to hide from time to time. But, according to astrologers, it is these 5 signs of the zodiac that are the real aces in “fogging” and maintaining the halo of mystery.

The most secretive zodiac signs

5th place: Aquarius

Representatives of this zodiac sign are excellent at understanding people. But they prefer to let only the closest people into their inner world. In an unfamiliar society, they often go into “complete unconsciousness” or simply stop talking.

4th place: Scorpio

Those born under this sign know perfectly well what, to whom, and how to tell about themselves. Moreover, they are perfectly able to keep other people’s secrets (to later use compromising evidence for personal purposes). The fact is that Scorpios perceive life as one big intrigue.

3rd place: Capricorn

Even for the closest and dearest people, the inner world of Capricorns is a secret with seven seals. And all because any attempts to ” get into the soul ” are suppressed by representatives of this sign gently, but decisively.

2nd place: Pisces

Although representatives of this sign are ready to share other people’s secrets with everyone (and even add from themselves!), They skillfully hide their secrets. As soon as it comes to their feelings and experiences, Pisces either lie from three boxes, evades the answer, or completely changes the subject.

1st place: Cancer

That’s why stealth is a favorite tactic! Looking at any representative of this sign, it is simply impossible to guess how many complexes, problems, and phobias are hidden behind his smile. Only after a couple of years of dating Cancer begins to slowly dump all this on the one who is nearby. Many can’t stand it and run away!

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