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This Week Can Be Stressful. But 4 Zodiac Signs Will Do Well

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Your horoscope for the week of October 1-7 presents a mix of confusion, enchantment, and awkwardness, but it also offers inspiring opportunities. The week begins with an uncomfortable aspect between energetic Mars and unpredictable Uranus. This astrological quincunx indicates that these two planets are at odds, which can create a feeling of restlessness and perhaps stagnation. Additionally, an opposition between Mercury and confusing Neptune until October 2 can lead to communication problems.

However, this transit can also open the door to unexpected insights, flashes of insight, and deep spiritual connections. On October 3, Mercury forms a trine with Pluto, which can reveal deep truths and give you the determination to accomplish seemingly insurmountable challenges. However, keep in mind that Venus, the star of love and relationships, forms a quincunx with Neptune, which can make romantic relationships a little complicated.

When Mercury enters the sign of Libra on October 2, it brings a relational touch to your planning and execution activities. However, it is important to note that the South Node of Karma is also moving into Libra, suggesting that conversations related to the past could arise. Be prepared to address these topics if necessary.

However, some awkwardness may arise when Mercury forms a quincunx with Saturn, which may cause you to stay quiet for fear of saying the wrong thing. Keep in mind that sometimes a simple answer like “I don’t know at the moment” is better than no answer, as it can avoid creating additional problems.

How the Planets Will Affect These 4 Zodiac Signs This Week

Here’s what you can expect for the coming week, based on your sun and/or rising sign:

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Aries, this week looks promising in terms of romantic relationships. From the start of the week, Mercury in Virgo forms a harmonic aspect with Venus in Leo, highlighting your desire for pleasure and relaxation. You will want to have fun, take time to rest, enjoy your meals, and indulge in relaxing leisure activities. Your normally hectic pace seems to slow down, and you will appreciate these moments of calm.

On Tuesday, October 3, Mercury in Virgo will establish a trine with Pluto in Capricorn, influencing your house of career. This setup will give you recharging energy and encourage you to focus more on your work or professional projects.

You might be particularly productive, effectively solving problems that come your way and investing your energy in advancing your ambitions. If you have a list of tasks to accomplish, you will be able to tackle them with ease. Additionally, if a challenge or conundrum presents itself, you will be adept at diving to the heart of the problem and discovering creative solutions.


This week, Cancer, you will be making deeper connections.

The week kicks off with Mercury in Virgo forming a harmonic aspect with Venus in the sign of Leo, influencing your house of money. During this period, you could use your financial resources to save time and energy.

You may consider hiring a cleaning service, paying your children to do household chores, or even having all your meals delivered to avoid cooking or cleaning. This more efficient approach to managing your material affairs may lead you to discover better methods for accomplishing your tasks, Cancer.

Then, on Tuesday, October 3, Mercury in Virgo will form a trine with Pluto in Capricorn, influencing your house of relationships. You will feel an increased desire to deepen your relational bonds. You might seek to engage in meaningful conversations with your partner, exploring topics related to their past, emotions, aspirations, and dreams. In this process, you might also think about your motivations for being in this relationship and what it brings you. This introspection will allow you to feel more connected to your partner and gain a better understanding of yourself, Cancer.


Sagittarius, this week, your calculation skills are in the spotlight.

The week begins with Mercury in Virgo forming a semisextile to Venus in Leo, influencing your house of adventure. You might have the opportunity to spend quality time with your current partner or meet someone new who piques your interest. A romantic lunch followed by an entertaining afternoon is entirely possible. If you’re looking for love, consider frequenting places that are conducive to meeting new people.

Then, on Tuesday, October 3, Mercury in Virgo will establish a trine with Pluto in Capricorn, influencing your house of money. This week, your math skills will be highlighted. You will be able to better manage your budget, develop strategies to pay off debt and plan positive changes to your financial situation.

You might consider implementing a plan to gradually eliminate your debt or start saving more aggressively toward buying a home or improving your quality of life. Now is the perfect time to implement a financial plan that will pay off.


Capricorn, this week you have the potential to achieve significant transformation.

The week begins with Mercury in Virgo forming a harmonic aspect with Venus in Leo, influencing your house of intimate relationships. You might have a to-do list in mind, but your partner might have other plans in mind. You might find yourself spending a lot more time in bed than expected. If you’re looking for love, don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone this week, because you might make a new and beautiful connection.

Then, on Tuesday, October 3, Mercury in Virgo will establish a trine with Pluto, which resides in your sign of Capricorn, influencing your house of self-confidence. This week, you are in charge. You have the answers, and a clear vision of things, and your intellect is functioning at its best.

This is the ideal time to express to your manager your desire to take on more responsibilities or aim for a promotion. If you are looking for a new job, this week is a good time to upload your CV, interview, or negotiate an offer. Take advantage of this time to act and take control of your destiny, Capricorn.

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