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Today’s Horoscope 10th February 2023


March 21st to April 19th
A dissonant Moon aspect is underway for your Fire sign today… There will be occasions when, in the profession, one wonders why you are so distracted. With your loved one, at least, show yourself more attentively, otherwise, he will make himself heard and it won’t be pleasant!


20 April to 20 May
Our satellite is located in the Field of Impetus, for you Torelli, on the day of the week for you positive! You can get your work done with ease and speed you were never able to before. Your erotic potential is also remarkable, don’t let it wither!


21 May to 21 June
As the weekend approaches, the Moon is still an easy time for you Geminis… You shouldn’t spend the evening alone, because more than one person is waiting for nothing but to meet someone with your level of intelligence and with your ability to communicate!


22 June to 22 July
As the weekend approaches, your star governor is still at an uncomfortable disposal for you Cancerians. Even today, you will not be focused on the needs of those around you. At work, you’ll look a bit snobbish and miss an opportunity to get noticed.


23 July to 22 August
The beautiful position of our satellite continues. Even if the mind is on the weekend, in the profession you can do well and get noticed by someone who has the right influence to improve your corporate position. Don’t be too brazen, however, in ingratiating your bosses!


23 August to 22 September
For your Earth sign, our satellite is in the House of Finance as the weekend approaches! Today, family relationships are improving. There will be interesting interactions with someone you haven’t heard from in a while, who has relevant things to tell you.


23 September to 22 October
There is still a beautiful conjunction of our satellite, for Libra, on a favorable day for your sign… The news is all interesting and you should face it optimistically. Even in love, there are new sensations that you shouldn’t underestimate.


23 October to 21 November
The Moon is still found, for your Water sign, in the House of Secret Enemies, at the gates of the weekend. Be careful not to trust the weather in February too much. You risk stomach and intestinal pain if you expose yourself too much to the cold. Don’t even trust a too-curious person.


November 22nd to December 21st
The Moon is in tasty aspect, for you Sagittarius, as the weekend approaches! Don’t spend Friday night in front of the TV or playing station! There is an opportunity to meet someone new, who will make you look to the future with renewed enthusiasm, and with better confidence in you.


22 December to 19 January
As the weekend approaches, for your Earth sign, our satellite is still in a tiring position. Watch out for your intestines: if you don’t eat well, it can bother you. Then you must avoid thinking that people are ignoring you: perhaps you are too snobbish!


20 January to 18 February
The night star is always in a positive aspect for Aquarius today. Friday evening can be the ideal time to get rid of those whims in your emotional and erotic life that you weren’t able to get rid of at the beginning of the month. The interest of others in your person is evident.


19 February to 21 March
The Moon is in the Astrological House of Makeover for you Pisces as the weekend approaches! It’s time, now that you’ll have a few days for yourself, to rethink that hobby that had been almost forgotten in the last period! You will derive important satisfaction from it.

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