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5 Zodiac Couples Who Most Often Cheat On Each Other

If you believe in the stars, then it is especially difficult for some people to keep promises, obligations, and secrets, and most importantly, to remain faithful to a partner. If representatives of these signs come together, their union will be a test of resourcefulness (and strength). 5 couples of the zodiac who most often deceive:

1) Aries and Taurus.

Representatives of these signs are drawn to each other by a magnet. But Taurus next to Aries is waiting for a cruel awakening: Aries is not going to be faithful to the devoted and very homely Taurus.

Views on the importance of monogamy in this pair do not coincide, and this may well make Taurus at one fine moment also look “to the left”: not due to natural qualities, but out of a desire to annoy the partner.

2) Gemini and Libra.

Signs ruled by the same element attract each other strongly. In addition, Libras are often fascinated by Gemini’s easy-going nature and sense of humor.

At the same time, deep affection is alien to most Gemini, which cannot be said about Libra. It will not be easy for them to come to terms with the frivolity of their partner and his attitude to treason as a common thing.

3) Cancer and Capricorn.

Opposites attract: seemingly sensitive and dreamy Cancer could be the perfect match for a rational Capricorn. But no: Cancer relationships can get boring very quickly, and he can easily crawl into a nearby harbor.

In many ways, this may be because Capricorn is not always able to satisfy the sexual needs of Cancer, and for Cancer, sex is almost like air.

4) Leo and Sagittarius.

Leo’s world revolves around himself, and he wants constant attention from his partner.

As for Sagittarius, communication is important for him: he is not ready to lock himself in four walls and refuses to meet friends and go out.

In general, there will be a passion, but no fidelity, because Sagittarius is not able to provide Leo with the royal attitude that he so needs.

5) Aquarius and Virgo.

In some ways they are similar, but at the same time very different. Virgo will not cope well with the spontaneity of Aquarius, and this will gradually begin to cause permanent discontent – and for both.

As a result, both will begin to look around in search of a “simpler” partner.

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