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Today’s Horoscope 12th April 2023


You will be a little awkward in interpersonal relationships. Aries, the nocturnal star is in an awkward position today… You could miss out on a professional situation which, if caught in time, could make you take considerable steps forward. Stay alert.


The middle part of the week finds you rather patient. For Taurus, a comfortable aspect of the nocturnal star occurs on this day… You will be able to wait for the right moment to say something that positively changes the course of an important interpersonal relationship.


Thanks to your diplomacy, you will know how to get out of a professional impasse and get yourself positively evaluated by someone who will be able to help you out loud. For Gemini, the night star is in the House of Transformation, on a lucky day for your sign. You will be intuitive.


There’s no need to be so pessimistic. Indeed, people don’t seem to listen to you with the right attention, but you can find new ways to get your message across effectively. Our satellite is in uncomfortable opposition for you Cancers in the middle of the week.


One person, in particular, will find being around you very exciting and will go out of his way to spend time with you. For your Fire sign, our satellite is in the House of daily life, mid-week… You are considered very sensual, take advantage of it.


After a period of misunderstandings, there will be more serene relationships both in private life and in the profession. Today, the nocturnal star is at an easy time for your Earth sign… Your dedication to your commitments will be appreciated and you will earn points in the eyes of others.


The middle of the week will find you a bit snobbish. This Wednesday, for your scales, there is a complicated position of our satellite. Don’t treat someone you don’t think is good enough for you (and who could be, after all…)


You will know how to assert yourself, both if you are at work and if you dedicate yourself to family and loved ones. The nocturnal star is in harmonious transit, for you Scorpions, on this day. You’re also quite elegant, and you don’t go unnoticed if you get the chance to show yourself around in the evening.


Our satellite is in the astrological house of money, for you Sagittarius, in the middle of the week… Your patience will be rewarded. An income opportunity that you have been eyeing for a while will prove to be quite tempting. Try to take advantage of it before the others, who are on the alert.


In the middle of the week, the nocturnal star is in suggestive conjunction, for you of Capricorn. The person you like the most will appreciate the dedication you put into the conversations you have together. Your words denote passion: don’t be surprised if he sticks to you.


Be careful not to strain your legs too much if you play sports. The nocturnal star transits, through your sign of Air, in the House of Secret enemies today. You are at risk of sprained and pulled calves. Better to have a relaxing day. In love, avoid snobbish attitudes.


A period has come to an end when you didn’t seem like yourself, in your superficiality. This Wednesday, a pleasant Moon aspect is taking place for you Pisces… You will know how to make your speeches which demonstrate an open and creative spirit. They will come back to believing in you.

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