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Today’s Horoscope 12th March 2023


After a period of conflict quite beyond your control, things are looking up with family members and feelings. For your Fire sign, the nocturnal star is in the astrological house of reorganization, on the day of rest… Calm returns.


Don’t let jealousy ruin your weekend! This Saturday, our satellite shows itself in dissonant opposition, to you Torelli. You are too suspicious and, above all, you don’t want to hear the justifications of those you love, even if they are very credible!


If you have a partner at hand, try to organize a real vis-à-vis: your erotic capacity is on the shields and allows you to spend happy hours. Starting this Saturday, the nocturnal star passes through the astrological house of passion, for you Geminis…


After a second part of the week that put your nerves to the test, a comfortable position of our satellite begins today… Your loved ones want to spend as much time with you as possible. If you show up in a crowded place, you will find that you are being watched.


It will be a weekend in which they try their best to make you nervous. There is a difficult Moon position for Leo from this Saturday… Your sign is known to be superior to the others. Why don’t you try to ignore the provocations and enjoy life in the face of others?


The nocturnal star is in easy transit, for you Virgo, starting from today… The way you put yourself (as well as how you dress) makes you gain the attention of people who are not so easy to intrigue. You will be very sensual: your loved one will understand that it is time to indulge in intimacy!


You will be very sharp in dealing with matters related to your wallet. This Saturday, for you Librans, our satellite shows itself in the house of money. You will notice before others an opportunity to earn money that can change your life. Take advantage.


After a period in which your attitudes seemed nebulous, this Saturday begins a beautiful conjunction of our satellite, for you Scorpios… It is a completely new period, which brings better humor, beautiful energies, and an undoubted charm. Put it to good use!


On this first day of the weekend, for you Sagittarius, our satellite shows itself in the astrological house of latent enemies. You are a little restless, in interpersonal relationships, as if they were threatening you. Be careful not to give too much leeway to unsupported gossip!


Finally ends a period in which you seemed little involved in the problems of others. Starting from the day in your favor, a pleasant position of our satellite is underway, for you Capricorns. There will be nice opportunities to demonstrate that you are capable of interacting positively.


On the day of the week that is positive for you, for your Air sign, a difficult position of the night star forms! You are too aggressive if someone points out your shortcomings to you. Have you ever heard of constructive criticism? they’re doing it for your good, today…


In this period people look at you with new eyes, above all because you communicate something very sensual with your gestures and your words. Starting from this weekend day, the night star is in a positive moment for your Water sign.

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