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Today’s Horoscope 12th May 2023


The night star is an advantageous moment for your Fire sign as the weekend approaches. Your intelligence allows you to think of something very engaging that you could do over the weekend, alone or in the company of a person who has original ideas like you.


The nocturnal star is tiringly available for you Taurus on the day of the week that is favorable for you. A period continues in which you are not fully recognized, given that you appear proud. Someone who would have liked to get to know you better will be a little more distant today.


As the weekend approaches, our satellite is in a positive moment, for you Geminis. If there is a problem that you cannot solve, you will be able to make an important contribution, and you may even act independently but successfully. You will soon know what people think of you.


On this day, the Moon, your guiding star, is in the astrological house of reform, for your sign of Water… You will be able to decide for yourself that, in the past, you would not have trusted your judgment. You are more confident in yourself and you are doing well.


As the weekend approaches, there is a tiring arrangement of the Moon! Try to relax today. If you are strict with your colleagues, you could make mistakes that will ruin your weekend. Be more cautious and listen to everyone, including your loved one, who has so much to tell you.


The Moon transits, for your Earth sign, in the House of Health and Work, today! Many activities that were a bit boring in the past come easily to you. Now not only do things succeed, but you also manage to make a good impression in multiple contexts!


On a lucky day for your sign, for you Libras, an easy disposition of our satellite persists. You are very independent in your ideas. Someone influential in the professional world notices, and your role gains unexpected recognition.


Now that the weekend is approaching, for Scorpio, an unpleasant aspect of our satellite continues! Indeed, you often feel superior to others, but you shouldn’t let it appear too simple. There is a need to show yourself more humility: your skill will still shine through.


On this day, for your Fire sign, a tasty moment of the nocturnal star continues! In professional life, your loyalty and honesty will be recognized. What better time to expect these qualities to be rewarded financially too?


Now that the weekend is approaching, the Moon is in your second house for you. With relatives and closest friends, you will have very interesting speeches, which show that you are very intelligent, and during which you will receive information that is easy to consider essential.


Even today, there are opportunities to start new paths, in the profession as in feelings. There is an elegant conjunction of the Moon, for you Aquarius, today… You have the right spirit to organize a weekend in which you will feel the protagonists of your existence.


This Friday, our satellite is in the Field of Dark Obstacles, for Pisces! An attitude of superiority could emerge from your speeches, which should be abandoned as soon as possible. Starting tomorrow, things will be simpler and communication will go better.

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