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Horoscope Of Time Travelers: Which Years Are Best For Zodiac Signs To Live In?

Happy Friday! Today our Magic Ball sends you to the past (or to the future). Find out which years you would be better off living in!

Capricorn – 1910s

While all other signs dream of simply living in a beautiful place someday, Capricorn dreams of living in a time when they can make good money by putting their amazing brains to work. Invent something – a zipper, instant coffee, tea bags… Although why waste time on trifles, it’s better to immediately have an aircraft carrier. Capricorn can do no such thing.

Aquarius – the future

All other signs know perfectly well what time they would like to live in, and only Aquarius, of course, has no idea – simply because it’s not interesting: what’s the point, it’s all already happened! Aquarius always needs something that hasn’t existed yet. Therefore, our Magic Ball sends Aquarius into the future. Yes, yes, that’s the only reason. No, not because of the Butterfly effect and what Aquarius can do in the past, don’t think so (we hope Aquarians believed it).

Pisces – 1920s

The time of literary salons, crazy poets, flying dresses, and opium smoke – everything that Pisces loves. Creativity and secrets are their middle name (the third is spiritualistic seances in a circle of crazy poetesses in flowing dresses with smoking pipes in their teeth).

Aries – 1980s

If you lightly rub every successful adult Aries, under the thin sheep skin you will find a wolf with powerful paws. Volchara, of course, is supposed to walk out of step, break the system, and shout “Compromise is not for us!”, and during breaks, shake pipes and social foundations. Mom is anarchy, parent number two – you know who.

Taurus – 1950s

We were living normally, what started? At a calm and stable time, housewives in the suburbs wore New Look dresses, and in art, they finally came up with pop art. And why all? Because art should be for people, dresses should be for beauty, and life should be for joy! Taurus sees it this way and doesn’t argue (and neither do we).

Gemini – 1970s

If you ask Gemini what their paradise looks like, it turns out that it is a road that has no end. And, of course, they won’t tell you that they would like to walk along it barefoot and hang with baubles in the company of the same hippies. Because Geminis, like hippies and samurais, have no goal – there is only a path. Such a plan.

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Cancer – 1940s

Don’t feed cancer bread – just let it overcome some difficulty, and the more difficult it is, the better. This is why Cancers constantly solve other people’s problems: they simply don’t have their own on a sufficient scale. And here it’s much larger – problems, in fact, for all of humanity. In addition, Cancer knows exactly how to solve them correctly, they just didn’t ask her, but, well, yes, there’s a chance!

Leo – 1960s

Space is ours! This is the scope, this is lion-like. In addition, humanity turned out to be not completely hopeless and at the same time staged a sexual revolution (also very lion-like) and finally learned to create the right idols for themselves: otherwise some kind of kings, whole pantheons of gods and goddesses – somehow boring, really in fact. It’s like the Beatles!

Virgo – 1930s

Virgo not only knows better than anyone how the world works: Virgo knows better than anyone how it should be arranged so that everyone can live well, but the trouble with humanity is that no one ever listens to Virgo. And if you listened, you would have a new cult, a new system, new freedom and equality, and maybe even universal collectivism… Oh, it was, for sure.

Libra – 1900s

Who, if not Libra, should go to the “Belle Epoque”, which, it seems, was created by them: in the 2000s, humanity began to build cars and airplanes, invented cinema, came to modernism and modernism in art, and most importantly, loved to spend time in cafes on the boulevards and cabarets. Libras love cabaret! But still a little more of themselves, so somewhere there, on the boulevards, the suffragette movement also began (we assume, out of Libra’s desire to have the right to go to a cabaret without asking any guy there).

Scorpio – 2000s

Firstly, it’s beautiful… Okay, Scorpios would not exchange the time in which they live for any other – simply because they feel good with themselves everywhere, so why change anything? But since we have to travel in time, can we at least go to the beginning of a normal century? So that there would be vital benefits such as the Internet (or even then in the Mesozoic – so that there would be no people, but this is a utopia)

Sagittarius – 1990s

If you happen to be born in the Empire, then it’s better to live not where the poet said, but when it’s most fun. And from the point of view of any normal Sagittarius, the most fun is when the empire collapses. Because, firstly, the main thing is freedom, and secondly, there is electronic music, acidic colors, and eternal disco all around. You’ve got it – it’s time to break away!

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