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Today’s Horoscope 13th June 2023


The Moon is, for Aries, in the House of material goods, starting this Tuesday… Be persevering in business: if you manage not to let certain small initial difficulties scare you, you can do very well and obtain the economic satisfaction you were looking for for a while.


For you Tauruses, there’s a tasty look at our satellite, starting today. Although the week has only just begun, you can take it easy in certain aspects of life where you know how to enjoy it. Don’t be selfish: there is someone who will be very happy to be with you!


Our satellite enters the House of the Unconscious today. Be careful how you spend your money: you could let yourself be influenced by factors that you don’t realize, but which lead you to make less than rational choices, dictated mostly by consumerism and the desire to appear.


For you Cancerians, there’s a comfortable aspect from your star ruler, starting this Tuesday… If you’re single or otherwise looking for a new relationship, you’ll get interesting feedback from someone who appreciates your innate elegance. You will feel protagonists…


For you Leoncini, there is an unpleasant position of the nocturnal star, starting from this Tuesday! You should be more moderate. In this period, you are a little too voracious… You risk putting on a few extra kilos. Remember that summer is almost upon us!


Starting from this day, the Moon is in harmonic aspect, for Virgo… Your behavior, at work as in the family, is recognized as more responsible and makes you gain greater trust from others. There will be moments of good understanding.


For you Librans, the night star shows itself in the astrological House of Change today! A period ends in which your character appeared too angular. The person you like most finds you negotiable again and renews his trust in you. There will be happy hours.


For you Scorpios, a tiring aspect of the nocturnal star begins, on the day of the week for you positive… After a start to the week that had seen you dynamic and innovative, you find yourself stubborn and don’t change your mind even when it would be the case. Be smarter!


Starting from this day, the Moon passes through your Fire sign in the House of Health and Work. In everyday matters, your way of working is characterized not only by precision but also by a certain refinement, which makes you look closely.


For you Capricorns, there is a harmonious position of the Moon, starting this Tuesday… There is a project that you have been thinking about for a while but that never seems to want to come true. With your tenacity, you will finally get the results you expect. In love, attachment is valued.


Starting this Tuesday, a difficult aspect of the night star occurs for Aquarius! You don’t have much desire to do these days. You are even branded as lazy. Be careful, when your superiors look at you, to show greater involvement.


Forming a comfortable Moon position for Pisces this Tuesday! You are unusually responsible. Your ideas are credible and make their way into the working environment. Even the partner will finally have to admit that you have thoughts that can prove to be successful.

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