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Today’s Horoscope 13th May 2023


On this first day of the weekend, for you Arietini, our satellite passes through the House of the Unconscious. Don’t be undecided if they ask you to take a stand on a dispute that has been involving you for some time. It is better to make a dubious decision than not to make one at all.


A favorable position of the nocturnal star is formed for the Torellis today. You will appear quite romantic in the eyes of someone tired of today’s selfishness. Your positive characteristics certainly do not go unnoticed, these days when you are the protagonist.


Since this first day of the weekend, for you, Geminis, a disharmonious aspect of our satellite has been underway. You’re a little too unfriendly when it comes to how you relate to people. One might think that you are not very convinced of what you feel.


Your star governor passes in easy transit, for you Cancer, starting from this first day of the weekend. You will rediscover your spiritual side, in these days of rest, and you will learn again to evaluate certain situations that in the past would have disturbed you more.


The night star is in the Field of Rejuvenation, for you Leos, starting this weekend day! The weekend, in addition to the well-deserved rest, therefore gives you a lot of serenity. Those closest to you find you hardworking and optimistic and trust your judgments.


For you, Virgos, a disharmonious position of our satellite begins today! Don’t postpone an important decision, which could change the course of your life, especially in interpersonal relationships. If you mess around, you won’t get the satisfaction you deserve.


Starting today, the Moon transits the Field of feelings for your Air sign. You are very capable of making a good impression in any context in which some particular skill is needed. Eros is no exception, a sector in which you will appear more qualified than the average!


A pleasant position of the nocturnal star is underway for you Scorpios this Saturday! You can organize a different weekend than usual, and spend little money. Your imagination allows you to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by someone interesting.


From this first day of the weekend, there is a dissonant aspect of the Moon for Sagittarius! Don’t be elusive if someone wants to know something from you. For once, he might have better intentions than you’re thinking. Communication is essential at this stage!


For your sign, a tasty position of our satellite is formed, on the day that is favorable to your sign… The way of being, positive as it doesn’t always happen, helps you to relate to the people who interest you. You know how to show someone special an aspect of your character.


On the favorable day for your sign, our satellite presents itself in the field of material goods, for Aquarius… Fantasy is the master of how best to use your possessions. You can nail a purchase that you have in mind for some time. Improve family communication.


Starting this Saturday, for you Pisces, the Moon passes in serene conjunction! The prospects are becoming more varied and attractive. With a person you still know little, there will be rather intimate conversations, which will positively surprise you and her.

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