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Zodiac Signs You Will Never Be Compatible With According To Your Zodiac Sign


Don’t spend your life trying to please and fit in with someone who is yelling at you to leave. Don’t settle for half-hearted love, you deserve all the attention, details, and caresses. Stay away from Cancer and Pisces, it’s not that they are bad, it’s just that they will have a hard time keeping up with you. They love you and can love you, but there comes a time when they can no longer tolerate your individuality. Cancer and Pisces are looking for discreet love and you have no restraint, you like to break with conventions. Simple is not in your vocabulary. Cancer and Pisces are attached to home and tranquility and you have a weakness for risk and change. These are very sensitive signs and your adventurous side scares them a lot.


Why do you have to lower your standards? Never force yourself to stay with someone incapable of respecting your essence. You deserve a stable, reliable partner, a love who animates you in every way and who enjoys good pleasures by your side. Therefore, you should not be with Scorpio and Sagittarius, their temperament can destroy your self-esteem. Your heart is altruistic, you don’t like stress or negativity and these two signs are experts when it comes to causing tension. Sagittarius and Scorpio are passionate and passionate, they will downplay your calmness and that’s not fair. If you don’t want to become their father figure, it’s best to look away, trying to change them will exhaust you.


Without a doubt, it is not okay for you to get involved with people who give you negative vibes. You know relationships aren’t a fairy tale, but it’s not worth it if they want to treat you like they’re doing you a favor. You deserve a love that is smart, talkative, and fun. Someone who doesn’t judge you when you want to steal. I hear you, I know that Scorpio and Taurus can be very seductive at first, but once you cross the line you will realize that the facade is not what you expect. Taurus and Scorpio are very controlling, they will have difficulty putting up with your madness, they are afraid of your potential, and will want to put you in a cage. You are not for possessive and suspicious loves. You’re interested in deep connections, but that doesn’t mean you’ll change just so their insecurities don’t get triggered.


Affectionate, sensitive, and understanding love to exist. Loves that want to improve so as not to lose you. This is where you should stay, it’s not bad to dream of a home or to want to have a stable relationship. What’s wrong is asking for it from someone who can’t give it. Therefore, you should not be with Aries and Scorpio. They are not bad people, but they are not what you are looking for, if you stay you may experience an ordeal with them. They are both generally passive-aggressive in their relationships, they like to dominate and it will tear you apart. Cancer, you don’t have to endure everything for love, don’t stay with someone who causes you emotional and mental storms.


You are a person with big goals, following the herd is not your thing, you know you can achieve anything and you have no intention of stopping. You are creative and don’t shut up, you deserve a partner at your level. A passionate, self-confident, and determined company. However, you are very unlikely to find this in Capricorn and Pisces. You want to relax, to be with someone who helps you forget about stress and not take on your responsibilities. Pisces is usually very dependent on your tastes, they need a lot of emotional support and you won’t like that. Although Capricorn is very materialistic and ambitious, he will pressure you and minimize what you do instead of motivating you.


Perfectionist? There is nothing wrong with that, what is happening is that you have become involved with partners who do nothing but judge you and who cannot tolerate you being so focused on everything you do. You need someone smart, organized, and doesn’t beat around the bush. A love that makes you feel the true meaning of what balance is. I don’t recommend being with Gemini and Aquarius. They are both very liberal signs, changeable, and hate routine. Around them, you will feel unappreciated, insecure, and even betrayed.


You’re tired of keeping all your love and loyalty inside, just because you meet partners who don’t keep you safe. You are romantic, but very selective and you deserve someone who truly loves you. Honestly, you can fit in with all zodiac signs, but I don’t recommend getting involved with Virgo.

It may be too cold for your taste, but you will feel that it minimizes your sensitive side. Virgos are demanding and if you just want to flow and love, they will hardly understand it.


You are that person with a crazy, intense, and passionate spirit. Sometimes your possessive and jealous side wins you over, but there is no lie in your way of loving, you give yourself without filter and with the idea that it will last a long time. I, therefore, advise you not to be with Leo and Capricorn, they are too strict, traditional, and even greedy for your taste. You want unbridled, magical, unforgettable love, but they can turn it off in an instant. Don’t stay where they chain you.


Your soul is free, independent, and adventurous. You are the type of person who shakes off their sorrows and continues to move forward with more enthusiasm. Why stay with someone who only keeps you off balance? You will have difficulty finding your happiness with Libra and Aquarius. They are indecisive from start to finish, they will tell you “yes” and then “no” in a very short time. They may be independent, but too impulsive for your liking. What you need is a little structure to make it work.


At this point, getting involved with a love interest who doesn’t know what he wants would be foolish. You are tired of lukewarm love affairs, you want everything or nothing. When you’re in a relationship, you prioritize seriousness and commitment. However, I don’t recommend being with Aries and Gemini, they will treat you like you are their puppet. You want to improve and work on your best version, but they are not going to follow you, they are very impulsive. You are no longer there to tell them how to live their lives.


You want to change the world so much that you don’t deserve to be with someone with a closed mind. You need an original, progressive, and independent partner, someone who can understand when you tell them all your dreams. This is the reason why I don’t recommend giving your heart to Scorpio, he won’t let you live the life you want. Scorpio is used to things being done their way, they are very energetic in this sense. If you stay by his side you will have to tolerate his manipulations and this risks destroying your dreams.


You are a dreamer, loving, detail-oriented. You are the type of person who is not afraid to shout when in love, you love to make your partner feel special. A little fantasy doesn’t hurt anyone, but some can’t stand so much romance and that’s where you should run away. You should not be with Libra and Leo, they are incompatible with your sensitivity and if you fall in love you will likely end up with a wounded soul. Libra and Leo are extroverted and dominant, it is difficult for them to show their emotions and this will make you feel like the less confident person.

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