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Today’s Horoscope 15th June 2023


On this day, the nocturnal star transits the Field of material goods, for you Aries… With calm, you can progress a friendly relationship that in the past had been intense but now seems a little stuck. You will get a lot of satisfaction from this relationship.


The Moon is in happy conjunction with your Earth sign this Thursday. A period continues in which you are patient. This way, you can get the best out of people! In interpersonal relationships, you will feel much more understood and you will obtain important satisfaction.


Fortunately, a period is coming to an end which you didn’t know The Moon is, for you Gemini, in the House of Secret Enemies today. Be careful who is talking about you with the sole purpose of knowing what is thought of your person around. Some try to make your shoes.


On this day, a tasty aspect of our satellite continues, for you Cancers… You feel fascinated, and you have good reasons for it: someone looks at you and thinks you are the ideal people to experience some special moments together… Be intuitive and do not miss the opportunity.


This Thursday, a dissonant aspect of our satellite followed, for you Leos… Try to take the initiative, with whoever you like best. Don’t wait for others to always undertake things. Superiors may find you lazy and deny you professional development.


Today, following an easy disposition of the nocturnal star, Virgo for you… If there is someone you like more than usual, in this period, it is not a pilgrim to say that you have a lot more possibilities than usual. You are elegant and the people you like notice it.


On this day, for you Libras, our satellite is in the astrological house of renewal… The simplicity with which you carry out your tasks is a winner. You don’t like convoluted things and you don’t make a secret of them. Your character arouses the interest of more than a few.


This Thursday, an uncomfortable disposition of the Moon continues, for you Scorpio… You are possessive and your loved one does not feel free to do as he pleases. You must leave to others the freedom that you (rightly) claim for yourself. Doubt them less.


For Sagittarius, the nocturnal star is in the house of daily life, on the lucky day for your sign. You are very outgoing in carrying out your tasks. Even a person who wants to be as close to you as possible and who also speaks well of you with others notices it.


Today, for you Capricorns, a pleasant transit of the nocturnal star continues… Both in your profession and in love, your loyalty is appreciated and you are spoken to more frankly and sincerely. With one person, in particular, you will have a conversation that is very close to your heart.


A dissonant position of our satellite is underway, for your Air sign, today… Are you sure you’re paying attention to the essentials? The central part of the month sees you as materialists. Remember that the things that are important to you Aquarius are not the ones that are too tangible.


For you, Little Fishes, a comfortable aspect of the nocturnal star continues, on the lucky day for your sign! You like beautiful things and, in fact, today you know how to dress with great taste. The central part of the month finds you at the center of the attention of worthy people.

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