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This Is How Signs Act When They Have Anger Inside.


It is very difficult for Aries to contain themselves when they get angry. He needs to express his anger with anything and if he has no one around to do it, he will do it with a chair, the wall, or anything he can hit. Of course, the moment anger comes, it goes… He is a person who works on his impulses and when he gets angry he can be an explosive bomb, but it doesn’t take him long to calm down and get back to doing what he was doing. The problem comes when you have too much anger built up inside. If this can be something quite explosive in itself, imagine with that much anger inside… When Aries has too much anger inside, anything can make him explode, a simple comment can generate a tsunami. If Aries explodes, it’s best not to catch yourself nearby because everyone near him will fare badly. Of course, you might regret it a lot later. And he will forget everything very soon, but he needs to release all this anger that he has been accumulating for a long time.

The signs with which he releases his anger the most are: Aquarius, Scorpio, and Capricorn.


Taurus is not one of those people who explode like that. He has a great temper, but he will always give you little clues that his anger is getting worse. When Taurus lets out all his anger, everyone should stay away, he can become a volcano and release all the shit he has inside of him without any consideration. You won’t mind taking your loved ones with you. If you have something else pending, you will resolve it. This probably won’t solve the problem in the best possible way, but it will clarify everything. When Taurus explodes and lets out all his anger, it’s because he’s been keeping it inside for a long time. He doesn’t explode like that, he’s a pretty calm person and doesn’t want too much drama in his life. The day he does, without a doubt, his anger will be heard on Venus.

The signs with which he releases his anger the most are Aries, Scorpio, and Libra.


Gemini is a social being by nature and follows the same line in their anger. When he has a lot of accumulated anger, he may blurt out through his mouth what is not written. Many people are afraid to be there when Gemini explodes, they can do a lot of damage with their words. He does it involuntarily, but he has a very sharp tongue and his head spins at a thousand miles an hour. This is precisely what makes him blurt out things that he doesn’t intend to cause harm. Gemini is not a bad person, but when he has accumulated a lot of anger, he can become a person with very bad ideas. If he explodes, it’s because he’s very tired of being taken for an idiot and wants to show that it’s not like that at all. He is an intelligent person and after a while, after he explodes, he will realize that there was no point in him acting like this. The only thing he managed was to gain one more enemy but hey, he’s already used to being hated.

The signs with which he releases his anger the most are: Taurus, Sagittarius, and Scorpio.


Cancer is well known for its bad mood, everyone knows it very well, especially when it is angry. He is a very gentle person, but when anger takes hold of him, all that gentleness disappears and he becomes the devil himself. When Cancer has accumulated too much anger, don’t think that it will explode like the others. He prefers to lock himself in his shell and ignore everything around him.

He’s one of those people who prefers to vent his anger by crying, but be careful with poking and prodding because he has his limits, okay? And once the limit is exceeded, there is nothing more to do. You can expect anything from Cancer, he can become an overwhelmed person in all aspects. Many think it’s someone else. And it becomes. And he will cry, and he will create drama, and you will remember it for the rest of your life, so it’s best to avoid all that.

The signs with which he releases his anger the most are Taurus, Pisces, and Virgo.


In general, Leo can get angry like any other person in the world, but, indeed, their anger is usually not monumental. Leo doesn’t get angry easily, but if he does at any point, he expresses his anger in the same way. He is a rather positive person and a good roller who wants to live life to the fullest and understands that getting angry is a way of wasting too much time. Of course, when Leo notices that anger is taking hold of him, he cannot control it, he does not have this power and he will try to expel it in any way. You can’t keep it inside because it will encyst. If at any time Leo goes for someone’s jugular, there will be no one to stop him. Most likely, everything will end in drama, everything will end badly and there will be a lot of tears. He will blame you for everything he endured, everything he suffered. And of course, everything he did for you. Because yes, we must give him credit, he does a lot for others because he is very generous, but it will not be free. Sooner or later, he will blame you. She will be super proud, and this pride will continue after the anger, and the only way Leo will forgive you if you hurt him is to pamper yourself and devote a lot of time to him. Although he is a very devoted person to his people, Leo will know how to start a new life without you. It’s clear. And you should also be clear about this.

The signs with which he releases his anger the most are: Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Cancer.


Virgo is such a perfectionist person that even their anger needs to be thought through very carefully. This is a person who does not have to show that he is angry because he considers it unnecessary. He can build up a lot of anger inside him because the world is full of idiots and he knows it’s not worth arguing with them. He has gotten used to living among stupid people and what will he do? get angry at everyone? It’s impossible. What Virgo does is sting slowly, with a devilish smile on her mouth, but hitting where it hurts the most. It will not lose its shape, it will not give you that pleasure. For the most passionate signs, this can be torture. For Virgo, it’s pure pleasure. If you play with Virgo, be prepared to receive the same or a little more, so that you learn. It will be difficult for him to let go of his anger, he knows that it could make him appear weak and mediocre, and Virgo has incredible self-control in any situation. But like any human being, some annoy you, and when it blows up, it’s better to have a strong sense of pride and self-love if you don’t want to see yourself in trouble. Virgo is very harsh with others. Even though I love you to death.

The signs with which he releases his anger the most are Taurus, Capricorn, and Pisces.


As always, Libra will keep their anger to themselves, and that’s not good either. He is such a peaceful person that, even though he is close to his limits, he prefers to keep everything to himself rather than make a scene. The problem is that the scene plays out on him for not giving the four votes he should have given. Libra has to work very hard to deal with all the anger he has accumulated. You must not let too much accumulate because otherwise, it will end very badly. And not the others, but himself. It is true that over the years, experience increases and we learn from our mistakes. Little by little, he talks about things, expressing what bothers him, and what hurts him… And sometimes, he should lose his temper once and for all and put more than one person in their place. If the time comes for Libra to explode, they will surely do so in the politest way possible. He can give you a bad face, a bad gesture, anything that lets you know that in his head he feels repulsion for you. But he will try not to lose his good manners. They don’t go with him. He feels that losing control makes him lose all of his essence. When Libra loses these roles, it’s because something very bad has happened and no one will be able to stop all these impulses until they give up everything. Maybe when you let go, the end will be worse than it started, but, in the end, it’s all over. And that’s reassuring.

The signs with which he releases his anger the most are: Cancer, Taurus, and Virgo.


When rage invades Scorpio’s world, chaos erupts and anything you can imagine can happen. Scorpios can be very radical, they can treat you like shit and abandon you or stay and make your life miserable. When Scorpio lets out all the anger he has built up, you never know what could happen, so the best thing to do is to be on your guard and honestly, have very little trust in what your instincts tell you. . The opposite is probably true because Scorpio is not easy to read. He knows he has a lot of manipulative power, he knows how to turn the situation around at any time and also leave you on the field. And this is the real problem of Scorpio, which can lead anyone to therapy if they want. And that’s not true. The best thing is to get away from him as quickly as possible. The damage will be guaranteed, but if it catches you from a distance, it will splash you less. The consequences of his actions do not matter to him, when he gets angry, he feels that he has nothing to lose and that he will do as much damage as possible in the shortest possible time.


When Sagittarius gets angry, it can be like an uncontrolled ball of fire. In general, he is a positive and happy person, also very sincere. But when patience runs out, it can destroy anything that comes its way. You must be very careful not to charge him with rage, because, even if you see him coming, you will not know the explosion that his rage will generate. And calming Sagittarius will be very complicated, only the person who feels special will be able to calm him down. When Sagittarius pushes his limits and explodes, he has no mercy and begins to express whatever is on his mind without fear of things being thrown in his face. No matter if your own dirty laundry, flaws, or dark side reveals themselves, no one will be able to stop these impulses. The best thing for the people around him is undoubtedly to keep quiet and try to put out this fire that is so difficult for Sagittarius to control.

The signs with which he releases his anger the most are Aquarius, Leo, and Taurus.


Capricorn is one of those people who gets very angry at almost anything that could cause the slightest harm. And he’s not going to keep quiet, that’s very clear to him. The good thing about him is that because he knows himself so well, he is even responsible for getting angry. He will try to control all his anger and stay calm. But yes, there will be things that escape him and there, that can do a lot of damage, because it is impossible for him to be able to control all this anger that he has accumulated. Before he explodes, he will actively and passively tell you everything that bothers him about you, what bothers him. And if you face it, Capricorn will face it too. The first thing you will do is express very clearly how disappointed you are. It’s clear he’s feisty and can create a world with a grain of sand. But damn, those are his feelings and that’s what hurts him. And yelling at him or trying to make him seem crazy will only make him angrier and explode. Believe me, he will do everything possible to control himself, but if the moment of explosion comes, prepare for endless reprimands. He won’t stop throwing things in your face until he feels comfortable and thinks he’s over the damage you’ve caused. When he sees that you are truly broken, that’s when he can return to his state of peace.

The signs with which he releases his anger the most are Pisces, Gemini, and Aries.


Aquarius is a free soul and usually doesn’t take anger too seriously, but when anger begins to take over within him, his control and coldness are revealed. Aquarius is a fairly calm person, so if he loses his temper, it’s because something pretty bad has happened. He is a person who is usually not noticed when he gets angry, which is why when he explodes, the people around him are very surprised… he usually acts with irony and sarcasm, he can be bad looks, but he has a lot of self-control. When he realizes that his anger is about to come out, he moves away from the people he truly loves because he knows he won’t be able to control all the damage he will do. This anger helps him understand who deserves to be in his life and who doesn’t. He will take advantage of the moment to vent his anger on all these people he wants to eliminate from his life. Aquarius is a very intelligent person and knows very well what he is doing…

The signs with which he releases his anger the most are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.


Pisces lives on a roller coaster, you never know when it might go up and when it might go down. The same thing happens with anger, you can cry in rage and after 5 minutes you can be furious. He can look like a sentient being of light and in 5 minutes the devil himself. He is a rather unstable person in this regard, and he also has many difficulties controlling himself. And you know, what happens is it’s much easier to say that’s how it is and that’s it. Whoever wants to be at their side must accept them with their virtues and their faults and Pisces is very clear about this. When he lets out all his anger, an explosion of emotions and feelings occurs. This explosion is so big it becomes self-destructive, he knows he’s making mistakes but he can’t stop, he knows he’s covered in shit but he doesn’t know how to say it. Finish if you’re not above it. Or the feeling that it’s above. He will bring out everything he has in him, causing great harm to those who harm him. He may regret it and make his scene, but Pisces and drama go hand in hand… And then he will regret it, like so many other times. How could he let himself go and fall so low?

The signs with which he releases his anger the most are: Scorpio, Virgo, and Capricorn.

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