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Today’s Horoscope 16th March 2023


The planet of love and friendship transits, for you Aries, in the House of material goods, starting from this day. You will be possessive of a person who hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary to make you a little suspicious. Be more rational even in affective matters!


In affective and erotic facts, good news will be presented. A cheerful conjunction of your patron star occurs, starting from this day! Those who are single should come out of any kind of isolation and be seen around: the chances to meet people are all there.


On this day, Gemini, the star of feelings enters the astrological house of unacknowledged obstacles… Don’t let possessiveness ruin an interpersonal relationship that has no real reason to go wrong. Be more understanding towards those you love…


Positively change your mood. Starting from this day, a favorable position of the planet of feelings occurs for your Water sign… The people who associate with you in the professional sphere will trust your judgment. You will also be convincing in the family.


You are prey to an unusual possessiveness, which is a bit at odds with the generally tolerant and generous way of doing your sign. On this day, a disharmonious position on the planet of love and friendship is formed, for you Leoncini. Be more tolerant of love.


You are very sensual, not only for how you dress but also for what you can convey with your words. An easy position of the star of affections is taking place, for Virgo, on this day. You will have a certain following in your love life, whether single or committed.


From today, the uncomfortable transit of Venus for your Air sign ends! You will be much clearer, both with friends and with people who interest you erotically. Now you have to remedy some headshots that have put you in a bad light with people you respect.


This Thursday, the planet of affections shows itself in complicated opposition to Scorpio. You will show a possessiveness that doesn’t make you popular with the person you like the most over the next few weeks. Be more accommodating to ways you don’t fully understand.


In the coming weeks, you will find that you can experience feelings and eros as protagonists. Venus transits the Field of attraction, for your Fire sign, starting from the day that is favorable for you. Your ability to attract those you like is evident to you…and those you like!


It’s time to show yourself around! On this day, an easy position of Venus begins for you Capricorns! Your proverbial elegance is on the shields and will be noticed both by colleagues and by a person who will forcefully enter your private life…


You are too possessive, today and in the coming weeks. For you Aquarians, there is an uncomfortable aspect of the planet of affections, starting today… To make you fully appreciate it, it is necessary to leave some freedom unless something makes you suspicious!


In the coming period, it will be evident that you have arrows in your bow that, in love, few can boast about. There is a comfortable aspect of love and friendship for your Water sign, starting from the day that is positive for you! The affective contexts are renewed for the better.

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