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Horoscope: Here’s Why Eclipse Season Marks A Turning Point For The Year

The end of March 2024 (re)launches the eclipse season. A magical moment, full of energy and which promises vivid transformations. Find out why it’s so important in astrology and how to survive it.

It’s one of the busiest events of the year. We know that in astrology, we often tend to fall into “drama”. We like to sound the alarm when Mercury retrogrades and we promise you total renewal with each change of season. This time, however, the experience could be more intense than ever. For good reason, the eclipse season has started again. “It’s energetically overwhelming or at least very hectic,” underlines the American astrologer behind the account @thecosmiclatte. To fully understand the issues related to lunar and solar eclipses, we go over the basics. Here’s why the end of March 2024 promises to be eventful.


Astrology is a succession of cosmic events. If every month we celebrate the Full Moon, every six months we witness an eclipse. From an astronomical point of view: “An eclipse occurs when the Moon is at one end of its orbit around the Earth (also called the Lunar Nodes in astrology). The Earth then shadows the Moon, causing an eclipse. » Astrologically speaking, the observation is a little more disorienting. This is the moment when the universe redistributes the cards. “Usually right before eclipse season, you feel stuck. It’s stagnating. It’s like you don’t know what direction your life is going to take, but you feel like a renewal is brewing. That a turning point is going to be taken. It’s as if you had the impression of entering a new phase of life,” says the astrologer from @thecosmiclatte. This situation is exactly what we are experiencing right now. This March 25, 2024, the Full Moon in Libra is coupled with a lunar eclipse. How to survive all this? What are the benefits to be gained from it? Practical Guide.


“The only way to make sense of the eclipse is to zoom out and see the big picture because everything is connected. » What must be understood is that eclipses function as a process of evolution anchored in the long term. Like a step-by-step. This new season continues the work initiated last year. What happened in April 2023 during the lunar eclipse found a first echo at the end of October/beginning of November 2023 during the solar eclipse. What did you want at that moment? What awareness has taken place? What did you initiate? What projects have been developed? All of this continues this month: “You have to connect the dots. This season is directly related to what you were thinking about or looking to cultivate last time. » The pattern repeats itself. You might have a feeling of déjà vu or the feeling that something is finally being accomplished.

According to some astrologers, eclipses are like cosmic portals. Doors open, and situations become unblocked. In Libra, the one that takes place in March works on our relationship with others. Partnership, positioning within a group, need for justice. We evolve, we change, we transform. This is why it is important to remain open to change. Opportunities may present themselves provided you agree to step out of your comfort zone. It’s certainly challenging, sometimes tiring, but it will have the gift of making you take the path you’ve always wanted to take. In short, eclipse season is a gift from heaven: it allows you to become who you always wanted to become. And because all this happens in the height of Aries season, it’s good to dare, to be bold, and to go for it.

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