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Today’s Horoscope 17th July 2023


The attention of Aries until the night can be held by household chores, worldly concerns, or relationships with close relatives. For many Aries, the needs of their parents will be of great importance. Communication with family members will not always be smooth, the former psychological tension may temporarily return. You may have to make some compromises or sacrifices. Important things should be postponed until tomorrow.


Today, Taurus should not count on the rapid development of events. Interlocutors may remain silent, and family and other meetings may be postponed. In matters of interest, you often have to be content with guesswork. The main interest of the day may remain a family circumstance, or the behavior of a household member, neighbor, or relative. It makes sense to postpone important conversations, trips, meetings, and studies.


Today, stars advise Gemini to take a break in active contact with the outside world, in creativity, personal life, and entertainment, and also to postpone non-urgent trips, study sessions, and information searches to another time. Family, housing or material affairs can remain in the center of attention until the night. Possible loss of things, a hitch in solving an urgent financial or domestic issue.


Cancers can and should devote this day to themselves and their needs. The right moment for solitude: it is ideal for emotional and spiritual work, getting rid of the unnecessary, overcoming doubts, and internal confrontation with someone. An active imagination game can lead to immersion in fantasy worlds or memories, identification with a teacher, a distant ideal, or a favorite virtual character.


On this day, the stars recommend solitude and rest to Leo. It is worth reducing the circle of contacts, postponing intensive intellectual work, meetings, dates, and trips, postponing shopping, and visiting a beauty salon. In the first place, you can put the restoration of your physical and mental resources, as well as psychological preparation for further events. You can give free rein to fantasy, and memories.


Today, the stars advise Virgos to give up unnecessary fuss, arrange a passive rest for themselves, or leave the minimum of necessary things in the schedule. If possible, it is worth spending these days with a friend or a soulmate. This is not the time for verbosity, it is better to surround yourself with people who understand without words or to be in silence, in a world of dreams. Despite possible bursts of despondency, the day will give hope for the future.


On this day, Libra can remain dependent on his professional or family duty, as well as on the moods and habits of individuals, for example, his leadership or members of the family clan. You should not count on a productive dialogue, on a chance to settle the matter with a joke, or to use friendships. The most important matters can be decided in secret, behind closed doors, or through patronage.


This day helps Scorpios to keep in their souls hope, faith, and a course on familiar values. Of particular importance may be the long-suffering ideals of the past, with which many Scorpios are sorry to part against the backdrop of new events. Dreams of distant lands are possible. “Guiding star” can be a fictional image. There is a possibility of psychological support from friends or individual relatives.


Today, the psychological and spiritual aspects of the situation are important for Sagittarius. In difficult moments, they will often have to rely on patience, hope, or faith. For them, family ties, invisible connections with their past or native places, may be of particular importance. But it is also important for them to appreciate the concrete practical help of fate that they have, for example, an existing job or a support system.


Today, it is important for Capricorns to control their unconscious emotional reactions and subtly capture others. Going on about your experiences is safe alone, but fraught with people: others will perfectly catch despondency, criticism, or hostility. To save relationships, remember the bad bad things less, show goodwill, be sensitive to other people’s moods, and emphasize common interests.


On this day, life tends to give Aquarius a secondary role, encouraging them to work, help, serve, or care. Some Aquarius will themselves need psychological, household, medical, or other support – in this case, it is important for them to appreciate the one who helps them, empathizes, or is privy to their secrets. You may have to plunge into unfinished business or face traces of the past.


On this day, the stars recommend Pisces rest. Depending on your mood, you can take a break from hard work, sleep off, chat with loved ones, or take up a simple hobby. Many Pisces on this day will be able to freely immerse themselves in the world of their ideals and fantasies and will have the opportunity to mentally merge with their dreams or identify with their favorite virtual character.

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