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Today’s Horoscope 31st August 2023


Aries stars warn that today they may have little energy. Throughout the day, increased emotionality or suspiciousness is possible. Drowsiness is not ruled out, especially when unwell. There may not be enough clarity in current affairs; perhaps, in the absence of accurate data, you will have to be content with rumors in the professional sphere or gossip in the team. Not the best day to travel.


Today the stars advise Taurus to move towards their goals without unnecessary fuss and haste. This is a day of passivity, memories, private conversations, and imagination. Slow progress has its advantages, for example, it gives you time and reason to reconsider plans for the future. Perhaps it’s time to renew your relationships with friends and students, with people you patronize, or with those who seek your tutelage.


Today it is better for Gemini not to make new plans, but to clarify the status of old ones. This may require doing research, thinking alone, or talking to someone. Home and office meetings promise a lot of food for thought. There is no need to complete paperwork or make important decisions. Do not rush to change housing, take on a new position, or choose a boss, partner, or doctor.


For Cancers, this is an informative day, but they should remember the incomplete or preliminary nature of any information (including that coming from afar, for example, from foreign colleagues). It is better not to rush to conclusions, but to look for food for thought, confirmation, or refutation, and restore previous routes, contacts, or knowledge. For many Cancers, memory, imagination, or instinct will help them decipher unclear details.


Today, the stars advise Leos to be more attentive to any information and be sure to make sure of its authenticity. On this day, it is better not to lose important documents, including payment documents, it will not hurt to put things in order in accounts or correspondence. Credibility and carelessness can create a lot of hidden problems that will come up during the next check. There is no need to rush to apply for loans.


Today, it is better for Virgos not to expect complete frankness from their interlocutors, but they should not suspect them of lying in advance: the cause of confusion or silence may simply be ignorance, uncertainty, or incompetence. Many Virgos will have to admit that they, too, are not the best at expressing their thoughts. It is too early to put an end to the dialogue, as continuation is expected. Mutual trust is important.


Today, the stars advise Libra to work on overcoming chaos and confusion, maintaining at least minimal order and clarity (complete certainty is impossible for objective reasons). It is important to remember about possible inaccuracies in documents, instructions, diagnoses, and official correspondence, about the likelihood of losses, delays, and delays. Do not rush to choose an assistant or schedule, place of work, or treatment.


Today Scorpios have a chance to find spiritual harmony, get along with influential people, or talk with those who are dear to them. This is a good day for confidential communication, but solitude filled with reflection can also be fruitful. Don’t be afraid to dive into fantasies and memories of the past: that’s where you can find a valuable hint, a source of inspiration, faith, or patience.


This day can make Sagittarius secretive, sentimental, suggestible, suspicious, or absent-minded, as well as plunge them into despondency (especially if they find themselves in a difficult home or professional situation). Family and business meetings will not add clarity. Prolonged problems may prompt the search for ways to escape reality – such as dreams, memories, or virtual worlds.


Today, Capricorns should check all incoming data, since the truth in it may be intertwined with lies. You may receive random or unnecessary information, spam, or repeated emails. On the other hand, on this day there may be some truth everywhere, including guesses and gossip. Many messages will intrigue, awaken thought, memory, or fantasy, and carry an important sign or subtext.


Today, the stars recommend that Aquarius control information and financial flows, monitor secrecy, and be more careful in spending and correspondence, otherwise, the likelihood of leakage of funds or data will increase. An archive of payments, programs, letters, or documents may be of interest. It doesn’t hurt to check your inventory for expired or forgotten old items or missing or damaged property.


Today, the stars advise Pisces not to avoid talking, but to be careful, control their emotions and dose the truth. The ability to conduct a dialogue can become part of a professional portrait and a stepping stone to a career. It is important to instill confidence in your interlocutor. Insight will help you capture the essence in the flow of someone else’s eloquence. The day is suitable for interviews and approvals, for intermediate agreements.

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