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Today’s Horoscope 17th June 2023


For the Arietini, an easy position of the nocturnal star persists today… You are very good with practical if not manual activities today. You are eager to do and you can have beautiful experiences. Dedicate yourself to that practical activity that you haven’t been able to complete for a while!


For the last day, the night star is in the money field, for you Torelli, today! You will have to take advantage of it to collect… not only monetarily speaking but also as regards affections. There is someone who owes you a favor. Don’t be shy. claim.


For Gemini, an advantageous aspect of the Moon continues today! People you care about will think you’re a good fit for any adventure they plan to take you on. You are very smart and prove to be versatile in all circumstances. Your dynamism is winning.


Today, the nocturnal star is always in the Field of latent enemies, for you of Cancer… Pay attention to those who show themselves as friends but, until now, had never revealed themselves as such. He may have an ulterior motive and want to be around you solely to gather information about you. beware!


On this weekend day, a comfortable disposition of the nocturnal star is in place, for you Leoncini… Your organizational skills are appreciated, as well as your desire to do new things. There is someone in particular who is waiting for your initiative.


A disharmonious position of the Moon is underway for Virgo on this first day of the weekend… The people you like wonder if your words are always followed by the right actions. Be consistent: don’t you want your partner to walk away because she finds you unreliable?


The Moon is in harmonic aspect for you Libras this Saturday… You feel like doing things completely as if you were little explorers. Be careful, in love, not to do crazy things just because you are curious about a person who is undoubtedly different from the crowd…


This Saturday, the nocturnal star passes, for you Scorpios, in the astrological house of reconstruction… You are much less inflexible than in the central part of the week which saw you static. Your character is multifaceted and allows you to adapt well.


The Moon is in uncomfortable opposition to your Fire sign this Saturday. If you date people you like, be careful not to come off as volatile. You find yourself a little distracted. Your loved one gets jealous and asks you for explanations.


For Capricorn, the nocturnal star is in the astrological house of impetus, on the day favorable to your sign… Your way of speaking denotes a dynamic intelligence, which adapts to all circumstances. You will know how to win the sympathy of someone influential…


A tasty aspect of the Moon continues, for Aquarius, on the day favorable for your sign. If you are looking for a romantic adventure, don’t stay at home: you are charming if only you show yourself around. Someone, in particular, appreciates your ideas.


Today, there is an unpleasant position of the Moon, for you Pisces! Your partner is a little surprised by some of your attitudes. Flirting indeed excites you, but you don’t have to put a consolidated relationship at risk just because you want to enjoy a little more risk: you wouldn’t get away with it!

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