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Today’s Horoscope 17th May 2023

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From this Wednesday, for you Aries, the night star is in the astrological house of economies. With Jupiter, the star gives you so many thoughts that you should try to put them into practice before someone always ready to take advantage of others precedes you!


Starting from this day, the nocturnal star transits in a pleasant conjunction, through Taurus… In your profession, you appear very reliable. You could get the recognition you’ve been aiming for for some time but which, due to the envy of others, had escaped you so far.


The Moon transits, for you Gemini, in the House of Secret enemies, starting from the day in your favor. With Jupiter, the star makes you a little selfish. Those closest to you may think that you are not the selfless people they thought in the past weeks.


In the middle of the week, our satellite shows a positive transit, for you Cancers. Try to be seen by the people who attract you the most. Your way of doing is refined and does not fail to impress someone who does not like the ordinariness of people.


Starting today, for you Leos, the night star is in an awkward position. In your profession, you might think you’re a little lazy. In reality, you are doing things at your speed. Just try to show yourself more interest in your partner as well.


Starting today, for you Virgos, a smooth aspect of our satellite occurs. Like Jupiter, the Moon also makes you very sociable and allows you to talk face to face with a very pleasant person, who until now had escaped you a little. You will be able to recover lost positions.

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On this day, for your Air sign, the Moon appears in the astrological House of Remake… Similar to Jupiter, the star makes you appear calm and somewhat refined. Someone you don’t disdain will think they have underestimated you, up until now.


On this day, a complicated aspect of our satellite starts, for you Scorpios. If someone asks you to hurry up, tell them you can’t go faster than that. Unless he has a better idea to shake off some slowness…


Today, for Sagittarius, the Moon transits the astrological house of attraction! Don’t get lost in daily chores: you and your partner deserve some time just for you. With your expertise, you will know how to organize a couple of journeys that will satisfy both of you.


In the middle of the week, a pleasant position of our satellite begins for you Capricorns! You will know how to dress differently than usual, and an undoubted elegance will shine through. Your sophistication is quite evident and attracts someone who does not like the ordinary on principle.


In the middle of the week, an uncomfortable position of the Moon begins for Aquarius! Be careful not to appear too focused on yourself. Try to base your communication on greater generosity. Especially in love, don’t be stingy with feelings and sweet words.


Starting this Wednesday, there is a tasty position of the nocturnal star, for Pisces. You will know how to be persevering in obtaining a result that is inaccessible to others. Your inventiveness is rewarded, thanks to which you are appreciated by someone who does not like the standard.

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