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What obsession does each zodiac sign have: Love matters most to Cancer

Beyond the limit of a special interest, anything that attracts us too much becomes an obsession. The stars reveal to us what obsession each zodiac sign has.

Reputation. You care a lot about the way people see you, although you know very well that it shouldn’t matter.


Your mistakes. You can’t stop thinking about them, even after years and years.


Appearance. Never leave the house without making sure that you wear the outfit that suits you perfectly and that you have flawless makeup.


The regrets. You think all the time what would have happened if you had made other decisions.


The sex. You need to exercise your power of seduction, to feel wanted.


Status at work. You want to be admired and respected. You want everyone to know how talented you are.


Your goals. You are obsessed with ticking the boxes at the “right” age, so that somehow you don’t fall behind with the plan.


The social networks. You want attention all the time. You can’t bear the thought of being ignored.

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