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Today’s Horoscope 18th September 2023


Today, the stars advise Aries to become more careful, listen to their intuition more often, and turn on the instinct of self-preservation: not only the course of their affairs but also the well-being of the partner project may depend on this. If you have any concerns about other people, it’s time to check them in detail. It would not be superfluous to check security systems, especially legal and financial ones.


Today, the stars advise Taurus not to avoid the proposed conversation: despite the increased emotionality and incomplete frankness on the part of the interlocutor, it will be informative and constructive. It is good to discuss the terms of trust, organizational issues, and details related to plans for the future. This is the right moment for professional consultations, private meetings, and visits to closed institutions.


Today the stars advise Gemini to switch to a daily routine. It is better to put work, health, safety, or finding essential services first. Insight and diligence will help you succeed. The day is suitable for working with documents, especially archival and secret ones. A meeting or site visit may be required. Critical details are best discussed behind closed doors.


This day will be productive for Cancers if they obey their intuition, as well as follow their spiritual ideals and professional principles. The circumstances of these days are conducive to solitary reflection and research, help in-depth work with documents and texts, and allow you to re-systematize the information received recently and draw the right conclusions from it.


Today, the stars advise Leos to pay attention to their living circumstances, past, and debts to loved ones, as well as to any “liability”. You should not avoid an unpleasant conversation: it will help clarify plans, establish control, and remove fears and prejudices. It is good to discuss topics related to inheritance, mortgages, old dilapidated housing, property lines, and security. It’s important to go into detail.


This day activates Virgo’s thinking, adding seriousness and insight to their natural rationalism. They will easily analyze and systematize information. Many Virgos will be excellent researchers; neither obvious nor hidden details will escape them. The day is suitable for private meetings and working with documents. You may have to visit closed or abandoned places.


Today the stars advise Libra to take a break from active activities. The day reduces enthusiasm and agility but can increase dependence on material or psychological factors and force one to turn on suspicion or common sense. This is a good time to put your finances, household, and related documents in order, check your shopping list, and look for what you can save on.


Today, Scorpios are sensitive but can keep their feelings and needs under control. The day may incline them to secrecy or asceticism, but it will not make them silent hermits. They will discuss issues that interest them and will turn out to be good psychologists and consultants. The theme of this day could be a private meeting, intensive correspondence, deep research or reflection, or a secret trip.


Today the stars advise Sagittarius to choose solitude, but not to break away from the world. It is advisable to narrow the circle of communication to the reasonable limits necessary for conducting business. The day is suitable for secret conversations, for remote (or secluded office) work with documents, codes, or texts. It’s good to study archives, conduct research, and immerse yourself in memories. It is better to use secure communication channels.


Today, not all Capricorns are optimists, but many of them look to the future calmly – perhaps because it seems predictable to them. Their main problem may not be the lack of the right plan, good information, and a good chance, but a dull attitude. The stars advise them to be guided by previous experience in overcoming problems and believing in the good. The valuable qualities of this day are insight and patience.


Today, the stars remind Aquarius of the need to be more careful: to control their emotions, finances, and health, not to reveal further goals, and not to rush into important decisions. A step that seems right from the perspective of the past can become dangerous for the future. It is better to limit yourself to research, private meetings, draft plans, and systematization of observations and data obtained.


Today, Pisces can receive the expected news from abroad, which will often only be a confirmation of their predictions and calculations. Notices from international authorities and messages from foreign friends or partners are possible. This is a good time to correspond with colleagues from other cities and countries, as well as to agree on contracts and other joint documents. Possible interest in remote work.

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