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Today’s Horoscope 19th April 2023


You will be recognized as a true leader in this part of the week. This Wednesday, a pleasant conjunction of the Moon persists for you Arietini. In your profession, you will be ambitious and you will get the recognition that is not usually dispensed so easily.


A period continues in which attempts are made to put a spanner in the works. The Moon passes, for the Bulls, in the House of Secret enemies, this Wednesday. In the profession, some will try to convey the idea that you are not brave when performing your duties. Ignore it.


You are bold and you are noticed by someone who appreciates people who know how to take some risks. An easy position of our satellite persists, for you Gemini, on the day of the week that is favorable for you… In love, you are direct and effective with whomever you like.


In your profession, don’t let yourself be drawn into the unnecessary competition by someone who wants to get you into trouble. On this day, the Moon, your star governor, is in a tiring position for your Water sign. We need to be more collaborative and ignore provocations.


A period continues in which you feel courageous and can make an important decision, which you had (guiltily) postponed in recent days. You will get benefits soon. A pleasant position of the nocturnal star is in progress, for you Leoncini, in the middle of the week.


Getting to know new people isn’t easy but, with the current mood that characterizes you, it would bring excellent results both for your love life and for work. For Virgo, our satellite is in the astrological House of Rejuvenation, mid-week…


There is always a disharmonious position of the nocturnal star for your Air sign today. Be careful how you address someone who may have particular importance to your life: you risk appearing too aggressive in exposing even just ideas.


You are very agreeable when you are around those who attract you. Our satellite is, for Scorpio, in the House of Health and Work this Wednesday… There will be potential moments of passion between the sheets, both for those already in a relationship and for those looking for one.


On this day, for your Fire sign, an advantageous disposition of the night star continues. You are very energetic and someone who has fascinated you for a while now notices it without particularly realizing it. Now don’t go unnoticed.


For you Capricorns, there’s always a tiring mid-week aspect to our satellite going on. Don’t make your crush think you’re too impulsive. She will wonder if you aren’t also being unfaithful if it should appear that you can’t resist impulses.


In the middle of the week, for Aquarius, the Moon is in an advantageous moment. Luckily for you, you can be very direct with people. You will know how to make it clear, in no uncertain terms, what interests you in a person whom you consider better than the others. Your frankness will reward you.


Today, for you Minnows, our satellite is always in the astrological house of money… There is someone who is looking for you to fix a family affair that you hoped has already been resolved, but which has some repercussions for your life. It’s worth trying to have your say.

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