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Today’s Horoscope 19th May 2023


A comfortable aspect of the Moon is in progress, for you Arietini, at the gates of the weekend. You are quite convincing in your way. You will know how to impress a person who likes your way of being ironic but never out of place. If you’re single, show yourself around.


Our satellite is in the astrological house of money, for the Bulls, as the weekend approaches! Your resourcefulness is rewarded. But be careful not to underestimate the activity of someone who obtains the same information as you and wants to get ahead of you. Don’t give it space.


Our satellite is in a nice conjunction with Gemini as the weekend approaches. There will be opportunities to do something you haven’t thought about for a while, but which has never ceased to fascinate you, at least theoretically. Great satisfaction will come from this activity.


The Moon, your star ruler, shows up in the Field of Hidden Rivals for Cancer as the weekend approaches. Be careful not to say something that you haven’t thought of yourself, but that has been suggested to you by someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart.


There is a nice aspect to our satellite for your Fire sign as the weekend approaches! You finally feel more at ease in the profession. In love, you will know how to show yourself eager to have fun with those you like, and you will inspire pleasant conversations.


For you Virgos, there is an uncomfortable Moon aspect starting today. You could pass for superficial people. It will be good, in all speeches (professional as well as personal) to go deeper and point out that you care about the needs of others.


For you Librans, a tasty aspect of the nocturnal star is in progress, starting from the day that is favorable to you. It is fun to be with you today. You are nice and your irony makes more than anyone smile. You will attract those who are typically attracted to the intellect.


For your Water sign, the nocturnal star enters the House of Reconstruction, at the gates of the weekend. So that lunar opposition that made you a little lazy is over. The people you are interested in are positively surprised by the newfound vitality that distinguishes you.


Now that the weekend is approaching, a disharmonious position of the nocturnal star is underway, for you Sagittarius! You should be clearer about what you expect from people. If not, one might think that you don’t appreciate it for what it can offer.


As the weekend approaches, the nocturnal star is in the astrological house of exaltation, for you Capricorns! Things are easier than expected. At work, colleagues and, in private, the person who makes your heart beat, who will want to be with you, notice it.


For your Air sign, a comfortable aspect of our satellite is in progress, now that the weekend approaches… Your mood improves significantly and allows you to obtain conversations that you have been missing. Now it’s much less difficult to get close to you.


The Moon is in an uncomfortable position for you Minnows, starting from this day. Conversations with your friends get a little superficial You need more substance even in love, where you seem to say things just to get out of embarrassment.

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