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Today’s Horoscope 7th August 2023


This day can start for Aries with an unpleasant psychological note. The stars advise not to rush to clarify plans and get down to business closer to noon: at this time, the mood will become smoother, and the direction of interests may change. The focus may be material things, earnings, or services. It does not hurt to evaluate the budget and make a list of necessary purchases, work, or payments.


Today, the stars advise Taurus not to rush things and not to get involved in an active life early in the morning: at this time, illness is possible, a dead end in business or thoughts. The second half of the day promises a surge of energy and an increase in luck. There will be conditions for clarifying plans, for targeted contacts and trips, information search, mental load, and any useful work. It will become easier to defend your interests.


Today, the attention of Gemini can be attracted by the material aspects of their lives. This may be the financing of ongoing work, payment for housing or services, supplies, or welfare. The second half of the day can be spent in the search and study of useful information, in family or production meetings. There may be a forced business trip in connection with home, office, or other urgent needs.


Today, it is better for Cancers to refrain from targeted activity in the morning since any impulse at this time will be unsafe. It can harm an established relationship or career, upset your peace of mind, or beckon with a false goal. But in the afternoon it is better not to waste time in vain. By this time, the right paths will open and the right people will get in touch, and useful information will begin to flow.


The events of this day will remind the Lions that there is a material side to their life. The fulfillment of desires or the implementation of plans can be directly related to it. Having missed the morning hours, it is advisable to devote the main part of the day to practical matters. This is a good time for production meetings, to discuss the nuances associated with production, financing, hiring staff, or paying for services.


Today, the stars do not advise Virgos to be active in the morning. At the beginning of the day, there is a high risk of unnecessary fuss, and some moods and actions are fraught with unpleasant consequences. But the main part of the day promises to be very productive. At this time, the necessary ways and channels of communication will open, and efficiency, learning, and luck will increase. There will be hope for the restoration of dialogue. It is possible to lead from afar.


Today, the stars advise Libra to be on the lookout in any situation – fortunately, more as a preventive measure than an urgent need. At the beginning of this day, it is better not to conduct partnership projects and avoid contact with loved ones if they are in a bad mood. The main part of the day will create the prerequisites for a successful business, especially solving financial, industrial, and domestic issues.


Scorpios shouldn’t plan responsible fateful undertakings for this day, especially individual ones. If possible, you should not start current affairs in the morning hours: at this time there is a high risk of annoying misfires, ailments, and breakdowns are possible. In the afternoon, luck largely depends on other people: an intelligent assistant, an influential friend, a resource partner, and a loyal audience.


Today, Sagittarius will have to become more practical. Luck will begin to depend on their skill or the skills of assistants. Awareness, sociability, and readiness to solve applied problems, to settle production or everyday issues may come in handy. May be interested in service or health details. Probably news from work. There may be a meeting, a business trip, or a visit to the doctor.


The beginning of this day may not be very successful for Capricorns (especially if they are born in mid-January). However, the stars promise that the situation will quickly improve: by noon the mood will improve, current affairs will go more vigorously, sensible ideas will appear or useful information will come. Do not cancel planned trips, contacts, and procedures if something went wrong in the morning: perhaps everything will work out.


Today, Aquarius’ attention may shift to housing, basic material resources, or other fundamental foundations of their lives. In the afternoon, it is good to plan harvesting, construction, and agricultural work, home and office meetings, and inventory inspections. If global tasks are solved, interest in the needs of loved ones, home improvement, and culinary subtleties may increase.


The stars are telling Pisces that today will not be a very good start to the day. All current affairs (especially those related to material issues, purchase, and sale, exchange, and payment for services) should be postponed until the situation normalizes, and this will happen by noon. In the afternoon, you can more confidently plan business meetings, targeted trips, and contacts, cooperate and search for services.

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