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Today’s Horoscope 1st July 2023


Today, the stars are advising Aries not to rush things and to remain optimistic even in the face of ambiguity, such as delays in information about housing, the situation on the roads, or news from distant relatives. There may be problems when trying to find a parking lot or a hotel room. It’s better not to hit the road in the morning. The main part of the day will give scope for creative energy, and help develop business or romance abroad.


Today, the stars advise Taurus to become more flexible: this will help them move forward in their current affairs (especially if close cooperation with foreigners is expected) and deftly go around obstacles that may be encountered along the way. Such an attitude is especially important if there are traffic or communication hitches, for example, if you are away from your native places or in a foreign language environment.


Today Gemini may be faced with the impossibility of a full-fledged dialogue or with inaccurate information. Because of this, nuances in the business sphere, family affairs, or personal life may remain unclear for them. However, this does not prevent them from maintaining a pleasant relationship through cooperation, play, or exchange of likes. If the morning erects a barrier to mutual understanding, the evening will help to remove it.


Today, Cancers are interested in communication or in obtaining information that is useful to them. They need to speak out or get advice. The data they need may be incomplete. The day gives enough energy for the daily hustle and bustle and related adventures, helps to look for income, and takes care of pets, but if there are health problems, it is better to give it priority over other activities.


Today, external interference is insignificant for Lviv and is likely only in the morning. This is a good day for active activities (sports, tourism, business development) and romantic adventures. You can use your charm more than once. However, the background of external activity may remain hidden in doubts and questions. Failure is possible when trying to talk, to entrust your thoughts to a diary or a secret interlocutor.


Today, Virgos have the opportunity to enjoy being with their family or in foreign lands. Both at home and at a party, you can find vivid emotions, reduce the psychological distance, and abroad – accelerate adaptation to other people’s customs. It is good to play with children and arrange (attend) parties and creative events. At the same time, it is advisable to remember reasonable boundaries and not fall into unnecessary illusions.


The general background of this day is positive for Libra. Despite possible ambiguities, working capacity, romantic mood, or creative passion will remain at a high level. The risks will be minimal even in a difficult situation. Successful moments in business, love, and sports are likely. This is the right time for entertainment. To avoid misunderstandings, the stars advise not to get involved in business and games early in the morning.


Today, the stars advise Scorpios not to force things in the morning. It is better to postpone targeted purchases and transactions, adventurous undertakings, romantic initiatives, and fulfillment of duty. Morning hours should be devoted to a rough assessment of risks and restrictions. It must be remembered that success on this day may be the result of random luck and is quite likely even with a calculated error.


This morning it is important for Sagittarians not to become discouraged. It can be caused by domestic circumstances, external conditions, or nuances of personal well-being. During the day, the situation will improve, and there will be situations of success and happy moments, but you should not take on too much. It is better to get away from unnecessary responsibility, refrain from extensive plans, to avoid indulging your illusions and bad habits.


Today, the stars advise Capricorns to get away from negative thoughts and routine worries and to find something inspiring, romantic, or funny in the current situation. You can arrange a holiday, bring more positivity into the home environment, or go in for sports. Meetings, consultations, and conferences are undesirable: the tone of communication may not be too serious, and the situation may not be suitable for official contacts.


Aquarians today it is important to enjoy the good sides of the moment. For many representatives of the sign, they will be associated with personal life, as well as fruitful business or creative cooperation. The positive side of reality will brighten up the lack of complete transparency of horizons: part of the future will be covered in fog or associated with some kind of forced delays, for example, financial ones.


Today it is better for Pisces to get involved in active life in the afternoon. By this time, any obstacles will be eliminated or mitigated, there will be a tendency to equalize mood and well-being. Morning hours are fraught with discouragement, ailments, temporary closure of doors and paths, and misunderstandings with superiors or official authorities. During the day, it is important not to increase the load and avoid illusions.

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