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Today’s Horoscope 1st June 2023


Start a month in which you will be in a better mood than in May. Our satellite is, for Aries, in the House of Change today. A period has ended in which you appeared undecided in many contexts. In love, you now seem more convinced of your feelings.


Our satellite is in difficult opposition for you Taurus at the beginning of the month. Are you sure you’re making the best decisions for yourself? Some might think that you are self-destructive, since, in order to be right, you are ruining relationships.


This Thursday, our satellite is in the astrological house of impetus, for Gemini! The new month finds you very independent in every area. With the way you act, you will attract the attention of a person who doesn’t like people who don’t know how to take the initiative.


An easy position from your star ruler continues for you Cancerians today. Your sincerity helps you to face the new month in a very positive way. You will be appreciated above all in private life, where there had been some misunderstanding lately.


With the beginning of the new month, for you Leoncini, the nocturnal star is in a complicated position… You will be able to face the most disparate situations with intelligence. In short, you will be very dynamic, in the way you relate to others, at work as well as in private matters.


A harmonious position of the Moon continues, for Virgo, this Thursday which gives life to June… Your acumen is essential to show your worth to both superiors and colleagues. In private, you will pass for people worth getting to know better, thanks to your good ideas.


The nocturnal star is, for you Libras, in the House of material goods, at the beginning of June… You will have excellent ideas, which you shouldn’t underestimate just because someone tends to minimize their effectiveness. Your dynamism is also successful in love, where you are fascinating.


For you Scorpios, the Moon is in a pleasant conjunction, on this day at the beginning of the month… You feel renewed in body and spirit. Your energy could be used in physical activity that prepares you for the impending summer. You can get back in shape!


On the day favorable to your sign, for your sign, the Moon passes through the House of the Unconscious… The new month finds you very acute, and capable of interpreting certain circumstances in the most useful way possible, which leaves others a bit baffled. But be careful not to appear insincere.


This Thursday which kicks off June, a favorable position of the Moon persists for your Earth sign. Your sincerity is appreciated, at work as at home (or at an aperitif …) An interesting person will tell you something that increases your esteem for her, and hers for you.


Today, one tiring aspect of our satellite persists, for Aquarius! The new month finds you unusually attentive, in a suspicious way, to what your partner is doing. Don’t complain if they accuse you of being possessive. Loosen the grip, trust more, and everything will be better.


With the arrival of June, a tasty disposition of our satellite takes place, for you Pisces… You are known to be people who know how to be passionate but, in this period, this way of being will be even more evident to someone who begins to like you quite a bit.

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