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Today’s Horoscope 1st October 2023

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Today, one of the first places for Aries may be material issues. This day gives hope for replenishing the budget, but can also create preconditions for additional unexpected expenses. It is good to look for ways to increase wealth through joint activities, gifts, income from creativity, restructuring investments in the future, or new use of old reserves.


Today, their own needs come first for Taurus, and most Taurus will not be ascetics. Their requests will be non-standard, and the bar of claims will rise during the day. An increase in appetite, extravagance, love of love, laziness, a craving for prestige or the “sweet life,” a surge of generosity or creative ideas are possible. There is hope for wishes to come true thanks to luck.


Today, the stars remind Gemini of the importance of the material base, without which they cannot do their long-term plans or current needs. Geminis who have substantial savings, housing, or access to collective resources, who have found wealthy friends, or who have placed part of their capital abroad will benefit. With proper management of your reserves and a bit of luck, additional income is possible.


Today the stars advise Cancers to think about future well-being and relationships with people who contribute to it. The day increases the likelihood of profitable deals, finds, and investments helping to look for new sponsors, influential friends, and patrons, or keep in touch with old ones. It is worth considering the unpredictability of events: it is possible that the path to success or prosperity will not be exactly as expected.


Today the stars advise Leos to deal with global plans and their material base. The focus may be on an unconventional experimental project, an expensive property, or a prestigious, lucrative position. Achieving a goal may require sponsors, investors, or influential friends. Gifts, finds, and original profit channels are possible. You have to pay for success or the fulfillment of a desire.


Today the stars promise Virgo good luck. Many Virgos will receive it in the form of moral support from their distant friends or influential people, from a teacher or patron. Material luck is also possible, but in this area, the stars do not rule out a surprise, a catch, or some kind of side effect. This is a good day for Virgos whose plans are related to getting an education and traveling, working, or studying in foreign lands.

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Today, the stars recommend Libra to pay attention to the material part of their interaction with other people – especially when it comes to long-term programs and substantial sums, an experimental endeavor, or international cooperation. Depending on the circumstances, a joint partner budget a collective project, a large loan, or a bank deposit may be of interest.


The stars tell Scorpios that today they will have to reckon with the influence of others. This is the day when the first and last word may go to a more resourceful partner or rival. No less significant will be the overall influence of the situation and the collective atmosphere. It is worth listening to the opinion of a teacher or sponsor, fulfilling the whim of a generous customer, and taking into account the mood of friends, household members, or the audience.


Today, the stars advise Sagittarius to focus on their routine work, on the topics of health, supplies, earnings, or nutrition, as well as on caring for their loved ones, pets, or charges. This day may bring additional expenses or updates, adding both hassle and positive emotions. You may have to help your friends seek their support or contact an international service.


Today fate intends to please Capricorns with something. Depending on the situation, they can count on luck, a good find or reward, on someone else’s patronage or gratitude, on moral support, on the return of hope or a source of inspiration, on receiving good fruits from personal or collective creativity. Capricorn parents will have pleasant experiences with their children.


Today, Aquarius may focus on housing and territorial issues and the affairs of a large family or team. Economic, material, or ideological nuances of the situation may come to the fore (perhaps they will be intertwined). The day is conducive to hospitality, may encourage additional spending on the home, suitable for expanding and renovating possessions, and for home holidays.


For Pisces, this is a day of good chances, which it is important for them not to miss. They can count on pleasant travel experiences, good news, successful deals, useful meetings, or other positive moments. If plans were made in the morning, they may expand during the day. If nothing specific happens, you will be pleased with the general atmosphere around you, which adds optimism and goodwill.

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