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What Things Repel Luck From The Signs Of The Zodiac

What does luck depend on? Most people, thinking about it, will say with confidence that luck is a matter of chance. However, research by parapsychologists assures us otherwise. Many factors influence the emergence of successful circumstances in life, including the things that we surround ourselves with. Depending on the character, each person has their things. Let’s look into the horoscope to find out what exactly prevents us from grabbing luck by the tail. What things repel luck from the signs of the Zodiac:


Aries is one of the most life-affirming signs. The energy from this person is in full swing, he is constantly in business, and his brain generates new original ideas every minute. Such a person should not surround himself with “dead” things, for example, animal skins and stuffed animals, animal horns, or dried flowers. Everything that symbolizes death or withering will destroy the biofield of Aries, and with it will begin to take away his life energy. By the way, it is precisely because of the rejection of “dead” things that Aries can appear less often at home, avoiding places where they feel uncomfortable.


Everyone knows that Taurus is the most thrifty person in the world. They pull everything into the house and do not even throw away unnecessary little things that may one day come in handy. As a result, piles of unnecessary rubbish accumulated at the wards of Venus at home. And Taurus are well-known aesthetes who often collect antiques, collect figurines, and other antique gizmos. And everything would be fine, but only these things “clutter up” the biofield of Taurus, preventing this person from becoming free. And without inner freedom, luck is unlikely to find a way to the representative of this sign.


Luck loves Gemini for their easy attitude to life and the ability to part without regret with things that are not of practical use. However, even here it is not without obstacles, the most important of which for Gemini are people.

Representatives of the air element scare away luck when they communicate with envious people and accept gifts from them. Meaningless trinkets presented by an envious person can completely deprive Gemini of luck, which means that if a streak of bad luck has begun in your life, think about it, perhaps a dangerous gift or souvenir is to blame.


Cancer is a very unbalanced sign that, in moments of emotional outburst, can make rash acts, including buying various things. These items will not bring Cancer happiness. A thing acquired at the moment of sadness, anger, apathy, or depression will quickly gain fame as “unlucky”, and may even drag its owner into a losing streak if you don’t get rid of it in time. Therefore, try to purchase things while in a great mood. Then there will be no problems with them.


Lions for success need to be in harmony with themselves and with the world around them. When everything is good and joyful in their souls, luck itself goes into their hands. The only thing that can prevent this is the things of the deceased person.

If a close relative or acquaintance of Leo died, and a representative of the element of Fire kept an object that belonged to him as a memory of a loved one, nothing good will come of it. Leo will begin to pursue troubles, harmony will leave, and luck will disappear with it. Immediately get rid of the things that belonged to the deceased to return good luck to your life.


Virgos are economic individuals who are sensitive to their things and are in no hurry to part even with those who have become unusable. So, for example, Virgo will not throw away a plate, just because its edge has broken off or will not throw out a cracked mug, because it is dear to her as a memory.

However, the energy of the representatives of this sign suffers greatly from spoiled things, which are expressed in general failures, stressful situations, and the development of depression. Naturally, until Virgos get rid of mobile phones with cracked screens and other damaged things, one should not even think about any luck.


The personalities of this sign depend too much on internal balance. Good luck accompanies Libra when they have harmony in their souls, and their hearts sing with happiness. But for this, in life, the wards of Venus should have everything perfect, and only positive people and things should surround them.

If the representatives of the air element begin to surround themselves with things that evoke unpleasant memories in them, provoke sadness, irritation, or make me sad, luck will stop smiling at Libra. Only one thing can be advised here: surround yourself with only positive things, and immediately send everything that violates the internal balance to the scrap.


At first glance, Scorpios seem harsh, but in fact, this is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. Success in his life largely depends on harmoniously developing relationships. If Scorpio broke up with a loved one, nothing should remind him of his former love.

Any things, for example, joint photographs, watches, or rings donated by a partner, will cause pain in the representative of the element of Fire, and repel good luck from him. Therefore, for life to bring you only joy and good fortune, get rid of things that cause you painful memories.


The whole life of representatives of the Sagittarius sign is in motion. When they move, work, communicate, and interact, luck itself sticks to these people. But only in their lives, there is stagnation, as luck immediately turns away from the wards of Mercury. In this regard, luck from the personalities of this sign will be scared away by things that slow down Sagittarius and prevent him from moving forward.

This list can include anything, from heavy boots to your own home, because of the attachment to which Sagittarius deprives himself of many successful circumstances. But the car and mobile phone are symbols of good luck for this person.


Capricorns are big neat people who love order and try to keep it everywhere. Therefore, first of all, their biofield suffers from things that are randomly scattered around the house or desktop. It is enough for Capricorn to put things in perfect order, as these same objects will change their properties and begin to work for the good luck of Saturn’s wards.

In addition, the energy of Capricorn is destroyed by unpaired things at home, for example, one sock, one slate, one glove, or one ski. If you still have such useless items in your house, get rid of them as soon as possible.


The personalities of this sign are too dependent on their own emotions. If the surrounding people cheer, praise Aquarius, and even give them various gifts and souvenirs, these people fly on the wings of happiness. Naturally, in this state, they are constantly pursued by luck.

But if Aquarius is presented with an unpleasant gift that he cannot but accept out of politeness, such a present becomes a real “anchor” for these individuals. Don’t torture yourself, you shouldn’t keep around you things that you don’t like. Get rid of an unpleasant gift, throw it away, or just give it to another person who will like this present.


Pisces are creative individuals who subtly feel the emotions conveyed by the artist in a painting, sculpture, or book. Passing negative emotions through themselves, these individuals destroy their biofield and deprive themselves of much-needed luck.

To avoid this, do not keep art objects with you, which are symbols of depression, suffering, and hatred. Instead, surround yourself with upbeat art that will nurture you from the inside and encourage good fortune.

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