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Today’s Horoscope 20th August 2023


Today, the stars advise Aries to maintain mutual sympathy with the right people, as well as off-duty relationships in the form of love, marriage, and creative unions. Those around you are loyal, but for complete harmony, you need counter-diplomacy and friendliness on your part. Fate gives a chance to revive or revise relationships. A good day for a date, a party, or attending a cultural event.


The stars tell Taurus that this is the right day to decorate the house, equip the living room or children’s room, celebrate holidays, and receive guests (or prepare for these events). The right moment to take care of your health is a guarantee of beauty and success. Particular attention is paid to aesthetic details. It’s time to look to a beautician or interior designer.


Today, the stars again invite Gemini to have a good time. If there is an opportunity to break out on a date, take up a hobby with an aesthetic bias, play with children, go on a visit, or visit a beauty salon, it is advisable to use it. If work is above all for you, it is better to postpone its draft part, preferring to bring beauty and gloss, the search for harmony and balance.


Today, stars advise Cancers to remember more often the value of harmony in their own home and the importance of balancing interests in significant relationships, from marriage and family to professional. A sign of attention, a gesture of courtesy, or a small present will not be superfluous. A good day to decorate the house and increase the comfort in the office, for this purpose, you can make a long-postponed purchase.


Lions should take advantage of the pleasant aspects of the environment: it is possible that soon there will be fewer such moments. The day is good for “going out” and unobtrusive advertising of your best qualities, it is suitable for a date, or a trip to visit. Photos and videos from events are appropriate. Do not miss the opportunity to make yourself more attractive, for example, to buy something or visit a beauty salon.


This day can incline Virgos to pleasant purchases or financial maneuvers. Situations of the day may be associated with an exchange or return, an attempt to compromise. Aesthetic details will often be important. Interest in beautiful things, fashion accessories, cosmetics, gifts, and selling products of individual creativity may increase. In business, diplomacy will be more beneficial than energy and pressure.


This day will be pleasant for Libra. He will create conditions for their natural behavior and the manifestation of their best qualities – such as diplomacy, the desire for balance, good taste, artistic talent, or good manners. A suitable day for entertainment, creativity, and the development of a love affair. Unexpected successful finds are possible due to the sympathy of other people or your intuition.


The circumstances of this day may force the Scorpions into an unusual line of behavior. For example, to force them to follow etiquette, fashion trends, and good manners, even if it seems superfluous to them. Scorpios, who feel organically in the scenarios of this day, should remember that they can imperceptibly fall into some kind of pleasant addiction, for example, from love, pleasure, or attention.


Today, the stars advise Sagittarius to pay tribute to friendship, romance, creativity, cultural values, ​​and off-duty social contacts: this is not only a chance to have a good time now, but also a chance to equip the future. It’s time to restore old sympathies or give a second life to a mutually beneficial partnership. If things remain in the first place, it is worth adding some pleasant informal accent to them.


Today, Capricorns have a channel of support to help them get things done or hold their ground. However, it is not known whether they will decide to use it. This may be a dubious financial proposal, causing them anxiety for the future, or sympathy from a person whom they do not trust too much. Important decisions, especially in connection with contracts and partnerships, should be postponed.


Today, the stars do not advise Aquarius to be a loner and hermit. This is a day of pleasant communication and equal partnership, bringing positive emotions to both parties. Depending on your interests, you can use this day to restore personal sympathies, revive a marriage alliance, or return to a mutually beneficial business relationship. There is hope for an easy settlement of legal problems.


Today, the stars advise Pisces to look towards partnership, but not to drown out the voice of their intuition and not close their eyes to the specifics of the situation. Maintaining the necessary connections and sympathies, you should not rush to conclude agreements and clarify details. In any business, including financial, this day can bring ambiguous moments. You may have to compromise, issue an exchange, or return.

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