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November Astrological Forecast: Taurus Gets Rich, Pisces Meets The Right People

November has prepared a lot of interesting things for us: new opportunities, radical changes, and career achievements. Some will expect pleasant acquaintances, others – offers of cooperation or cash receipts.

Nadezhda Yatsuta, an Astro psychologist specializing in Western classical astrology and practicing for more than 20 years, tells more about what surprises the luminaries promise to representatives of the zodiac constellations.


Learn to adapt to the situation, and try to be more flexible and accommodating. At the beginning of the month you will have to defend your positions in government agencies, fatigue and apathy will appear. In mid-November, you will think about investing, and at the end, you will get rid of fears and see new horizons.


November will bring interesting opportunities, but physical illness may prevent this. Now it is important to build honest partnerships. At the beginning of the month, business will slow down due to the autumn blues, but mid-November will open up new prospects for attracting clients. At the end of the month, a source of additional income is likely to appear.


Increased workloads are expected this month, and there will be a need to change your lifestyle and work schedule. On the full moon, an important conversation will take place that will take off your rose-colored glasses and tell you the way forward. Later, financial income and fresh ideas are possible.


Thanks to creative energy, November will pass dynamically, despite external stimuli. Optimism and good news are guaranteed. At the beginning of the month, processes will pause; count on progress in the second half of the period. From mid-November, you will see meetings with your family and increased finances.


This month you will devote yourself to your family, children, and parents. There will be a chance to significantly improve living conditions and incomes in the coming years. At the beginning of November, events will occur that will stall the resolution of several issues. It is important to pay attention to your health.


November has prepared for you simple everyday joys and cash receipts. At the beginning of the month, you will have to solve family problems, there may be delays in documents and conflicts with your partner. Later, resources, energy, and dynamics for travel, meetings, and transactions will appear. Gifts of fate and marriage proposals are likely.


November will highlight prospects related to profits. Those who are in search of a life partner must take action. The middle of the month is suitable for training, contacts, intellectual dialogues, and information flows. The energy of the new moon will give ideas related to new work.


The conjunction of the Sun and Mars in your sign is the time when a vector is chosen for 24 years. Either you will experience ups and downs, or you will derail your destiny. At the beginning of the month, turn on naked calculations, do not take rash steps. In mid-November, beware of publicity, keep things secret.


November can plunge you into a state of fatigue, and apathy, and reduce self-realization. A little later you will feel that the path to positive change is opening. The beginning of the month is suitable for paperwork and putting things in order. Mid-November will bring income and successful transactions.


A month full of plans, income, and also serious expenses awaits you. Focus on intuition, and realize your innermost desires. At the beginning of November, there was a slow build-up and stagnation. After the 15th, unnecessary communication can interfere with financial success. Romances and the development of projects on the Internet are also possible.


November is the month of desires and ambitions. A new round of life is emerging, which will bring results next summer. The beginning of the month means a halt in business and the risk of an unpleasant conversation. Next is a great time for a career, work, and a new social status. At the end of November – dating, the end of old relationships.


November will open up new horizons for you for the next eight years, as you plan your education and travel. Don’t get hung up on problems, sort things out, and strive forward. The beginning of the month means stagnation in life and clashes with bureaucracy. From November 15 – I received important documents and contacts with the right people.

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