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Today’s Horoscope 20th May 2023


For you Aries, an advantageous position of Mars, the planet of action, is in place, starting today. Your favorable star makes you very enthusiastic about a new knowledge which, in other moments, you would have considered out of your reach, but which now seems tempting to you.


For your earth sign, an unsightly aspect of energy planet Mars has been underway since this Saturday! You are too competitive and this clashes with your character. Be more collaborative and you will more easily obtain the satisfaction you are looking for.


For you, Geminis, a harmonious aspect of Mars, the planet of determination, is taking place starting this Saturday. The star makes you rather authoritative and makes you appear as a winning character both in the professional environment and when you are confronted with friendships and love…


Mars is found, for your sign of Water, in the House of Material Goods, starting this Saturday. Be careful not to treat economic facts lightly. It is true that you are intelligent and tend to do things well, but you are underestimating the risks of your choices…


On this weekend day, a serene conjunction of Mars, a star of energy, forms for you Leoncini! It is a new period for you, in which you will be determined to achieve new goals. Your desire to do creates a virtuous circle with people willing to help you.


On this weekend day, for your Earth sign, Mars, the planet of determination, shows itself in the astrological House of Hidden Enemies! Be careful not to overdo your efforts to achieve a goal. You have to work smart rather than hard!


Starting today, for you Libras, Mars, star of energy, transits in an easy moment. Credible and authoritative results. The person you like most finds you more communicative than has happened in recent weeks. Take the opportunity to deepen certain speeches.


Mars, your patron planet, is now in an awkward position for Scorpio. You have a lot of energy, but you are using it in the wrong way, that is, aiming at form rather than substance. Be less competitive, because you are required to work together to win.


A favorable aspect of Mars, the star of energy, is underway for your Fire sign, starting this Saturday! Your generosity in feelings will be appreciated in the coming days. Someone who loves intellectual and emotional honesty will meet you…


Starting from the lucky day for your sign, Mars, the planet of energy, transits the Field of transformation, through Capricorn! The star is no longer in a position where it made you too dramatic in certain of your grievances. Appear more rational and you will get more followers.


A disharmonious aspect of Mars begins, for you Aquarius, on the day favorable to your sign… Be careful how you use your energies. During this time, you are very scattered. Try to focus only on the activities and people that make you truly happy.


For you, Pisces, Mars, the star of energy, presents itself in the astrological house of desire today. Daily life will be subjected to some upheaval, which however can be seen as an opportunity for growth. Know how to optimistically interpret the news…

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