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Today’s Horoscope 21st August 2023


Today, one of the tasks of Aries is not to spoil the existing good relations. During the day, someone else’s behavior may change slightly, and the mood may begin to deteriorate. In alliance with a long history, the shadows of past disagreements and difficulties can remind us of themselves. Try not to get caught on these days in front of former ill-wishers and not to remind you of your mistakes, especially if you were born in mid-April.


On this day, Taurus should be more attentive to the little things, as they can ruin the big picture. Shortcomings in medical and cosmetic procedures, in legal documents are especially likely. Errors in the work of subordinates and assistants are possible. You may not be satisfied with the quality of the services received. But it is undesirable to aggravate relations because of this, it is better to look for a way to diplomatically resolve the problem.


Today, the pleasant impressions of the current situation may turn out to be spoiled for the Gemini by something, but the good sides will outweigh the negative ones. For example, the shadows of past grievances will not be able to destroy love, and the hitches of the material plane will not become an obstacle to creativity and earnings. Taking into account the unpleasant details of the situation, it is still advisable to try to end any plot on a harmonious note.


Today, the stars advise Cancers to keep an eye on the emotional atmosphere in their home, workgroup, or significant relationships. It is not necessary to provoke a return to the previous disagreements, since painful contradictions are easily remembered on this day, old resentment, jealousy, or hostility can remind of itself. It is better not to choose this day for undertakings, especially for housework and making new alliances.


Today, the situation around Leos may become less harmonious, but most Leos will decide to enjoy the moment and make the most of the situation. One of the obstacles on this day can be long-standing ailments or bad habits. Not the best time to contact former colleagues and assistants. You should not contact the service, as well as communicate closely with suspicious fellow travelers and neighbors.


Today, the stars advise Virgos to cancel unnecessary expenses, and to be more careful in forced purchases and financial transactions: interference, disappointments, and cases of explicit or hidden marriage are not ruled out. It is better to refrain from concluding any agreements related to material resources. Another piece of advice from the stars is not to force events in general, wait with an initiative, a trip, or a statement.


Today, Libra may not be afraid of serious problems, but certain difficulties are still possible for them. It is possible that the home situation, a reminder of housing, marriage, or family troubles, will spoil their mood. Do not leave ailments unchecked: perhaps this is an old symptom that needs attention. The most vulnerable to negative influences will be Libra born in mid-October.


Today, the negative aspects of the situation may be more tangible for Scorpios than the positive ones. At the same time, many Scorpios, for one reason or another, will have to suppress their real emotions, for example, to successfully play out a given role to the end, not to create an unsuccessful impression of themselves with the right people, or not to spoil a common holiday. Possible ailments. Not the best moment for any undertakings.


Today, Sagittarians may face some unpleasant moments, but the general psychological background of the day will remain harmonious for them. They may need to learn additional details about a group of like-minded people or colleagues. The stars are advised not to spoil relations with nice people and try to end any communication on an even diplomatic note: this approach will be the best for the future.


This day may not be very successful for Capricorns. Many Capricorns will succumb to a bad habit or a negative memory, risking ruining relationships with important people or misbehaving at a crucial moment. Capricorns born in mid-January are especially vulnerable. It is better to avoid undertakings, contacts with management, participation in meetings, and execution of contracts on this day.


Today, the general course of events remains favorable for Aquarius, but they should take into account the hidden obstacles that can darken the picture. It is possible that sometimes a long-standing dislike will be hidden behind courtesy, and behind an attractive facade is not a very beautiful “wrong side”. It is not always necessary to write off your feelings of suspiciousness. Some premonitions and alarming associations with the past will be true.


Today, the stars consider it not superfluous for Pisces to take precautions. Depending on the situation, these may be technical or psychological measures. It does not hurt to have double control over the material part and the legal side of the case of interest. If possible, it is better to pay debts, but it is important to carry out this procedure carefully to avoid misunderstandings. In a relationship, gullibility will be fraught.

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