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Today’s Horoscope 21st May 2023


For the Arietini, our star is in a tasty aspect, starting from this Sunday… You are very curious and can discover new ways to have fun. It also improves communication with the people you like, who find your way of doing and presenting yourself very pleasant.


The Sun is in the finance field, for you Taurus, starting today. You are very shrewd when it comes to economies. Your desire to do allows you to get a pole position in a deal. In the profession, you are on the verge of promotion.


For you Geminis, our star passes in tasty conjunction, starting this Sunday… A period of positive news is coming. You are characterized by a strong desire to do things, which will not fail to be noticed by the people who can help you the most from a professional point of view.


Starting from the day of relaxation, the Sun transits, for you Cancers, in the House of secret enemies… Be careful, in the next month, not to give too much information on things that are close to your heart. There is someone who shows himself to be a friend but perhaps it would be better if he said something because he wants to know things about you.


For you Leo, your star governor is in positive transit, starting from the day that is positive for you. The Sun makes you very quick to get things that interest you. By doing so, you will be able to successfully precede people who have the same ambitions as you!


A tiring aspect of our star is underway, for you, from this rest day. The Sun prevents you from showing the directness that typically makes your sign stand out. It even seems that you have two faces, in certain contexts. With relatives, above all, clarity is needed.


Starting from the day of relaxation, there is a favorable aspect of the Sun, for your Air sign… From today, you can bet on charisma, to get people on your side. Even the bosses, at work, cannot fail to recognize certain areas of your superiority.


Starting today, the uncomfortable transit of the Sun ends, for you Scorpios… Things are smiling more for you. Even a person you don’t disdain smiles more, who was waiting for nothing but to see you more available, to try to get closer.


Today, for Sagittarius, an unpleasant aspect of our star begins. Try to communicate your feelings more consistently! You are a bit standoffish and arouse some suspicion in a person who does not yet trust one hundred percent of your loyalty.


Our star is in the field of impetus, for you Capricorns, from the day dedicated to relaxation. The coming weeks will find you capable of practical things that usually seem complicated. The partner realizes it, who will be close to you not only from an emotional point of view.


Starting this Sunday, there’s a tasty aspect from the Sun, for Aquarius! The people you like the most will appreciate your zest for action and will come after you if you organize something. What better premises to involve someone you would like more in your life?


An unpleasant position of our star is in progress, for your Water sign, starting from this last day of the weekend… Don’t be superficial, in love, in the coming weeks. Your partner gets the impression that you only evaluate him physically.

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