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Today’s Horoscope 22nd June 2023


For you Aries, our satellite is in favorable transit today… Your obvious generosity will be appreciated by someone who may soon return the favor. The good deeds you do today will not be ignored and will timely improve your karma!


For you del Taurus, an unpleasant position of our satellite followed on this day. Don’t be self-centered with friends: the people you compare yourself with want you to feel more willing to listen to others. Your ambition is excessive and can make you appear to be a careerist.


For you Geminis, there is an easy aspect of the night star this Thursday. Both in the professional environment and at home, some will make you feel more gifted than others. Your sympathy steals a smile from everyone. In love, you can take an important step forward…


Today, for Cancer, your guiding star, the Moon, is in the astrological house of money… Be careful not to be too altruistic: you indeed enjoy doing good, but you should only do it with those who deserve it and not who artfully try to get into the good graces of others.


“Today, for your Fire sign, there is an advantageous aspect of the Moon… Those who have been close to you for the longest already know your positive characteristics; today, others will also notice how gifted you are in both matters. professional and private.”


For your Earth sign, the Moon is in the astrological house of unforeseen difficulties this Thursday… In dealing with people you like, you are showing yourself – inadvertently – a little superior to others, even pride. It will help you more modestly.


For your Air sign, the nocturnal star is in an advantageous transit today… Your way of doing is resolute and allows you to obtain good results in any context. Don’t just think about work: even in love, your character that reveals security is much appreciated.


The Moon is in a tiring position for Scorpio today! With your somewhat arrogant way of doing things, you could disappoint someone who had staked a lot on you. In love, don’t appear perched on your positions, or it will be difficult to talk to you.


On the day of the week that is favorable for you, a positive aspect of the Moon occurs for you Sagittarius. If there is a professional decision to be made, he will find it determined and credible. Your firm character is also noted in your feelings and with your family.


Our satellite transits through Capricorn in the House of Reorganization this Thursday! Your mood improves rather quickly. You will know how to deal well with others. Your altruism allows you to earn excellent points. Your reputation improves in turn.


Today, a difficult disposition of our satellite followed for you Aquarians… Is it possible that you interpret everything that happens as if it was meant to affect you? Your undoubted egocentrism is not liked either at work or in private life.


On the day favorable to your sign, the Moon is in the astrological house of desire, for you Pisces! Your generosity is evident and is noticed in any context. A friend you haven’t heard from for a while could come back trying to involve you in a new initiative.

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