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Today’s Horoscope 23rd May 2023


For you, Aries, a tiring aspect of the night star persists today! The person you like the most will question an aspect of your character that she doesn’t like very much lately. Know how to defend yourself but also know how to admit certain mistakes made recently.


This Tuesday, the Moon is at a convenient moment for Taurus… You will be considered affectionate and you will win the sympathy of a person who cannot bear the disinterest that others show towards her. Your work finally gives you the satisfaction you have been looking for days…


The night star is always found, for Gemini, in the House of material goods, on this day! You will be better at dealing with family than with business. It might be the right time to talk about a fact that has remained at least partially mysterious for too long.


The Moon, your patron star, is in elegant conjunction, with Cancer, today… Take advantage of this period to prune, from the tree of feelings, certain branches that have remained hanging and unproductive for too long. You will feel lighter very soon.


For your Fire sign, the nocturnal star always passes through the House of the Unconscious, on this day… Be careful how you eat: you risk stomach pain if you eat too much fat, or are in a hurry. Take the time you need even in love, where you appear hurried.


For you, Virgos, the night star is in a pleasant aspect this Tuesday… You will know how to take care of yourself as well as the people closest to you. Those who make your heart beat will think that being with you is very positive and will be very passionate towards you.


The Moon is in disharmony for you Librans today! Thus continues a period in which you get lost in a glass of water. Try to convince yourself that you can achieve significant results despite certain discontent, given that you are as competent as and more than the others…


On the day of the week that is positive for you, a pleasant aspect of the Moon continues for your Water sign! In love, you can hit the mark thanks to a romance that few can boast. You will be able to find the right words for satisfying effective communication.


For you Sagittarius, our satellite is today in the astrological house of metamorphosis… You will know how to make yourself appreciated for a more communicative character than usual. You are also more intuitive and can more easily solve a problem that has already proved tedious.


Today, a disharmonious disposition of our satellite continues, for your Earth sign… Your loved one wonders what game you are playing, given that in certain moments you seem very close (almost sticky), while in others you want to stay away from your business.


This Tuesday, the Moon is, for your Air sign, in the House of Health and Work. If you’ve been a bit sedentary lately, why not try getting some physical activity? With the right regards, it’s the right time to take care of the physical state…


Followed an advantageous position of the Moon, for you Pisces, on this day! Your creativity would allow you to take up a new hobby that would reward and relax you. So what are you waiting for? There are the premises for great satisfaction…


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