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These Zodiac Signs Are Good In Bed, But Bad In Relationships

With these signs of the zodiac, it is good in bed:


As a Fire sign, Aries is truly passionate in bed, and intimacy with him is remembered for a very long time (of course, as the best experience in bed you have ever had).

But after a perfect intimacy, during which all your senses will undoubtedly tremble, representatives of this sign often provoke unpleasant situations themselves. For example, they don’t call you, they forget about an appointment, or, worst of all, they even begin to move away.

Do not forget that Aries believes in his exceptional rightness and, given his selfishness, is deservedly considered a braggart. Do you need it in addition to a good sex experience? You decide.


Well-known fact: Scorpios are fantastic lovers, but they are too narcissistic. As a rule, they try to please only themselves, ignoring the needs of their partner.

To achieve complete satisfaction, Scorpios will try everything that works just for them, and nothing can stop them from this. That is why in a relationship, partners of such personalities feel forgotten and secondary.


Rest assured, Gemini will give you real pleasure in bed, but outside the bedroom, things will be completely different. Representatives of this zodiac sign often feel the need to change their partner, making him “better”.

If they constantly look for flaws in you and try to fix them, relationships with them can become tense and even violent.

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