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Today’s Horoscope 25th June 2023


A complicated aspect of the nocturnal star begins, for Aries, today… You are a little touchy and the people you like will think that you are a little too rigorous even on occasions when it would be better to let yourself go. Follow the flow of events more!


Our satellite transits, for you Taurus, in the House of Health and Work, starting with the day of relaxation! You are very productive and calm if you have something to do this Sunday. Someone special finds you insightful and gives you access to secret information about them.


From the day dedicated to relaxation, for Gemini, a pleasant aspect of the Moon occurs! You can therefore get out of a slightly gray mood and try to get back to having fun. Your intelligence allows you to show off to the smartest people you know.


On the day of rest, for you Cancers, a tiring position of the nocturnal star begins… If things don’t go exactly as you expect, with relatives and friends, don’t be negative. Sometimes, things look different than you think, but in the end, they turn out to be correct.


On the day favorable to your sign, a tasty aspect of the nocturnal star starts for the Leoncini. More than someone will look at you with eyes that you didn’t expect, which makes you suspect that you are more charming than usual. If you go out this Sunday, you might get compliments.


Our satellite is in the astrological house of economies, for Virgo, from this Sunday. You’re pretty smart about managing your money. You can finally think of an investment that, however small, could give you great satisfaction in the coming weeks.


The nocturnal star is in pleasant conjunction, for you Librans, starting from this day of rest… A period begins in which you feel somewhat at ease with everyone. In these quiet hours, you are considered a friendly person everyone wants to talk to.


From today, the evening star is in the Field of secret rivals, for you Scorpions… If someone does you wrong today, you might give it too much importance. Remember that he wants to penetrate your cortex, so don’t indulge! Your sensitivity may not be allied to you.


On this day, a favorable aspect of our satellite begins for your Fire sign! The lack of trust that had characterized your behavior in recent days is over. Now you are much more open to others and your attitude is soon intelligent.


The nocturnal star is in difficult disposition, for you Capricorns, starting from the day of relaxation! Don’t take it too hard if you get criticism. You feel vulnerable, but perhaps you should realize that the offense is much less serious than you first thought.


Starting from this last day of the weekend, the Moon is in easy transit, through Aquarius… With your beautiful character, you don’t want to stop at the surface of things. You feel like exploring in chores. You can undoubtedly discover interesting ravines!


On the rest day, for you Little Fish, our satellite enters the astrological House of Rejuvenation! The lunar opposition, therefore, gives way to a more accommodating aspect, which makes you appear friendly in the eyes of all. A relative comes back and gives you excellent advice.

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