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Astrological Signs From “Ready To Die For Love” To “Finish Alone” 2k22

1. Cancer

As the most romantic and sensitive sign, you deserve to be at the top of this list.

You live for love and if there is no one in your life to share everything with, then your life is not worth living.

When you are in a relationship, you give yourself completely.

People who do not understand you will treat you as possessive and sticky, but those who know you know that you do it because you love it with strength.

2. Taurus

Even though people do not feel that you are the type to love, you are. You are not afraid of commitment.

In fact, when you fall in love, this person is the only one for you for the rest of your life.

You have a taste for the beautiful things in life and you want to be able to afford anything you want, but it’s not enough if you do not have a person with whom you can share it.

3. Libra

Balanced. That’s what you aspire for in life. But not only in life, you also want a balance in your love life.

It’s not such a shock for people who know you because they understand who you are.

So you are looking for the person who will contribute to your balance. Looking for someone to complete the table.

You run from conflictual situations, but if your love life is at stake, you stay brave until you get what you want. Respect!

4. Pisces

As one of the most romantic astrological signs, you deserve a place in the top 5.

Your ideal person and ideal relationship are things you constantly dream about.

I bet if someone asks you what it will look like, you could describe everything in the slightest detail.

Even if deep in you, you know that nothing is perfect, you would do everything to make it so. You are not the type to give up, especially when it comes to love.

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5. Aries

Ok, your biggest problem is not falling in love, it’s getting bored of the person you fell in love with.

That’s why everyone considers you a weather vane, a person who changes partners too quickly.

The problem is that you genuinely fall in love and swear your eternal love, but it can change very quickly.

You really like the idea of ​​love. You would give your life to the person you are in love with.

You just have to be careful not to get bored.

6. Leo

Most people see you as an unreliable tough guy, but what they do not know is that you are very sweet in the background.

It’s true that you want to be independent and make your own choices, but your life would not be the same if you did not have anyone to share it with.

So anyone who thinks you are not the type to be in a relationship is wrong.

You do not tolerate being given orders, but you do not mind having someone at your side to share your success.

7. Gemini

You are everywhere. You are very friendly and sociable, but your mood changes from one day to another.

So sometimes you would do anything for love, but sometimes you feel that love is holding you back – you want to feel free to come and go as you please without anyone holding you back.

Your biggest problem is that you do not know what you want. Do you want love or leave you alone?

8. Virgo

Your perfectionist side is what stops you from finding love. In your good days, you think that no one is good enough to be with you.

On days when you are unhappy and unsure of yourself, you think you are not good enough for anyone.

You know that you are a little annoying, so you do not even hope to find someone who is good enough to meet all your requirements.

You are aware that there is no one who is capable of satisfying each of your requests.

9. Scorpion

You are a bit skeptical when it comes to love because you know who you are and how you act.

You do not trust others, sometimes not even yourself.

So you have come to accept that you will never find someone who will love you – not because he does not want to, but because you have trouble trusting.

If by chance someone shows up who will love you no matter what, you will easily sink into this web, but you will never go on your own in search of a relationship.

The risk of being hurt is too high for you.

10. Capricorn

Relationships are not your priority.

Do not get me wrong, you love all types of partnerships, but there is one thing that always bugs you: will the person you are with will be able to follow you?

You are used to managing and conquering all aspects of life on your own. It’s your way of doing things.

Reliance on someone is a choice you will not make as easily.

You see, your time is too precious to spend it trying to find love with a big A.

If it happens in the meantime, it happens. The important thing for you is that you succeed in doing everything else in your life.

11. Sagittarius

You do not find that love is so important in your life. You are a hyperactive being and can not stay too long in place.

Everyone who knows you clearly sees this aspect of you. Life has so much to offer and you want to touch everything you see.

Why spend all this time finding love?

Life is too short to spoil it to dream. You prefer to act and see what you want to see.

In addition, you do not mind spending your free time with your friends or alone as this only increases the chances of another adventure.

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12. Aquarius

Running after love and relationships is a waste of time. You have much better stuff to do in your life.

That does not make you a cold person, but it’s just that you want to devote your energy to making the world a good place to live for all.

You want to be able to do what you want without anyone holding you back.

You are aiming so much higher than love in life and if that means spending the rest of your life alone, you do not have a problem.

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