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Today’s Horoscope 26th April 2023


It is finally the last day in which you appear unable to seize the moment. The nocturnal star is in a dissonant position, for the Arietini, today. Try not to postpone a decision that would be making now, to reap the benefits in the second half of the week.


Your intuition allows you to figure out a situation before others that you can turn to your advantage. Today, for you Taurus, the Moon is in the harmonious moment. There will be plenty of opportunities to outrun the competition, whether in your professional or private life.


The middle of the week finds you very creative. On the day of the week that is positive for you, for your sign of Air, the Moon is in the astrological house of material goods. You can make an intelligent investment that will give you satisfaction. Beware of excessive bets.


A period continues in which it seems that you can reach the sky with one finger. This Wednesday, for Cancer, an elegant conjunction of our satellite takes place… Your creativity is poured into several circumstances and allows you to obtain almost sensational results.


Try to be more consistent when talking to people you like. For the last day, the Moon is in the astrological House of Hidden Adversity. Someone special will get the impression that you’re not listening and will ask why. Have your answer ready.


You will be able to understand before others what moves the people involved in a professional situation that can also have important repercussions on your working life. In the middle of the week, for you, Virgos, a useful and almost tasty position of the nocturnal star continues…


Your loved one finds you a little too dependent, almost clingy. In the middle of the week, for you Librans, our satellite is in dissonant disposition. Look for an outlet so your partner doesn’t suspect that you’re too dependent on what he thinks of you.


Our satellite is in comfortable transit for you Scorpios today… Your loved one feels pampered and makes no secret of it. Even if you are busy with tasks in the middle of the week, you should find some time to dedicate to intimacy with those you love.


This Wednesday, the nocturnal star is in the Field of Remaking, for Sagittarius. Are you ready to embark on a new adventure? There is someone who can’t wait to see you alongside him to undertake a project that will make everyone who participates happy.


For the last day, there is still a difficult arrangement of our satellite, for you Capricorns. It is necessary to decide immediately how to behave towards a person who is spreading rumors that do not completely correspond to the truth. Better not wait to deny them.


In the middle of the week, for you Aquarians, the Moon passes through the astrological house of desire… You’ll know how to make yourself pleasant in the eyes of someone you’re liking more and more, and who doesn’t disdain your attention. Pleasantness will open many doors that have been closed until now.


For you Pisces, a positive position of our satellite continues in the middle of the week… Take advantage of it to bond more with the people in your circle who you know less: from this deepening of knowledge, you will discover points of understanding and create a common front.

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