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Today’s Horoscope 28th June 2023


Our satellite is, for you Aries, in the House of Sexuality, starting today! The sadness that characterized you in recent days leaves room for new energies. You will be resolute in many circumstances and you will get the appreciation you were missing from your superiors.


Starting today, there is a dissonant position of our satellite, for you Taurus. Try to appear more spontaneous: your way of doing these days seems a bit calculating. You have to hide your intentions better if they are selfish.


On a favorable day for your sign, for your sign of Air, the Moon passes through the astrological house of momentum. In comparing yourself with others for daily tasks, you will discover an opportunity for income that is not talked about so easily: there is someone who wants it for themselves!


There is a positive position of your patron star, for your water sign, this Wednesday… Both with colleagues at work and in private life, you understand things before others. You are insightful and you immediately notice if someone has targeted you from a certain point of view.


There’s a tiring Moon aspect, for Leo, starting today! There is someone who has wronged you and is afraid that you will be vengeful against him. Warning: your way of doing could be excessive and do worse damage than the original one. Be more moderate.


For you, Virgos, a tasty position of our satellite begins today… You are clear in everything you say. The middle part of the week finds you able to talk to everyone candidly. Your sincerity is appreciated and improves relationships.


For Libra, the Moon transits the house of money this Wednesday… You are very determined when it comes to your economic sphere. When you make a purchase, an investment, or – even – a bet, you will be able to protect your capital but still be successful.


Starting today, there is a cheerful conjunction of our satellite, for your Water sign! You are one step ahead of the others. Your proactivity is very useful not only at work, where you are considered productive but also in private, where you are trusted.


No one likes realizing that someone is plotting behind their backs. However, we must be careful not to react in a disorganized way, even making a bad impression. For you Sagittarius, the nocturnal star is in the astrological house of hidden enemies, starting today.


In the middle of the week, for you Capricorns, a harmonious aspect of the Moon begins! You will know how to organize your work in a way that is not easy for others. A certain perspicacity is recognized in it. Colleagues consider you different and superior to the crowd…


Starting from this day, for you Aquarius, the night star transits in a complicated position! We need a simpler way to do it. Being calculating is not appreciated and, above all, those who love you do not like it. Clarity must distinguish your work.


A pleasant aspect of the nocturnal star is taking place, starting from this day. You will manage not to get bored even in moments when the professional day becomes uninteresting. You have dynamic and winning ideas. In love, your character is more decisive than usual.

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