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Today’s Horoscope 29th April 2023


Your way of dealing with those you like is sensual and you can spend very passionate hours if you don’t fill your Saturdays with commitments. For you, Aries, the Moon enters the House of Duty, on this weekend day… Your talent between the sheets cannot be denied.


The stars make you selfless and give you talent. Starting this Saturday, there is a favorable Moon aspect for your Earth sign. A person who needs your advice realizes it and will know how to be grateful since you have the right words for her…


Don’t be too picky if, for the weekend, they suggest you do something you wouldn’t have spontaneously thought of… This Saturday, for you Geminis, an unpleasant position of the nocturnal star begins. You can have fun differently than expected for once.


Your altruism makes you likable in the eyes of someone who doesn’t trust others very much but, if they did, it could be of very important help. Starting from this first day of the weekend, there is a comfortable position of the nocturnal star, for you Cancers…


It will be because today most of you are not working, but you feel more relaxed and selfless. For you Leos, the night star is in the House of Money, starting from this weekend day. Your ability to understand other people’s problems and lend an important hand is recognized.


Here are two very respectable days, in which you can give life to completely new activities. Since this first day of the weekend, a favorable aspect of the Moon has been underway for you Virgos… Your planning is helped by your clear ability to organize yourself better than others.


You don’t necessarily have to say yes to all the initiatives they may offer you for this weekend. From this day, the Moon transits in the twelfth astrological house, through Libra. You have to put your needs, if not before those of others, at least on an equal footing.


For your Water sign, the night star is in a pleasant aspect, starting from this weekend day. There will be opportunities to be recognized for the elegant person that you are, and to capture the attention of someone who is of great caliber in your eyes.


Starting this Saturday, for you Sagittarius, a complicated aspect of the nocturnal star is underway. We need to make clearer decisions, with relatives as well as with friends and in love. At the moment, you think too much about the words to say and the decisions to make. Don’t brood too much.


For you Capricorns, the Moon transits in advantageous transit, starting from the day favorable to you. Your way of dressing denotes a good taste that cannot fail to attract the attention of a special person, who is not typically interested in the most ordinary people and things.


The nocturnal star is in the field of rejuvenation, for you Aquarius, starting with the lucky day for your sign… After a somewhat difficult period, in which it was difficult to understand your intentions, days arrive in which you will know how to relate to others in a frank way.


This Saturday, for you Minnows, a tiring aspect of the nocturnal star is forming… The penultimate day of April sees you a little nervous. There’s no need to get angry: if you recover at least a little calm, you will bring home the result of an almost endless discussion.

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