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What Is Your Flirting Style According To Your Astrological Sign?

In terms of seduction, do you play it more French or incognito? Tell us what your zodiac sign is, and we’ll tell you how you flirt.

If certain signs are deemed more compatible with each other than others, it is sometimes a matter of first impression. When it comes to taking the first steps, not all members of the zodiac have the same attitude. Some are restrained, those who show you their numbers, or those who play the mystery card. We also recommend reading the seduction portrait of your ascendant and, for the more advanced, of the sign of Venus in your astral chart.


Gruff and direct, Aries is never shy, whether in her professional life or in flirting. As a worthy heir of Mars, the planet of action, the sign sees seduction as a conquest. Ultra competitive and not patient for a penny, she gets in there before you have time to do so.


Words are not his strong point, but body language is his asset. Taurus focuses everything on small gestures and prolonged caresses. He assumes that on your first date if he gave you the longest kiss of the century “because ours is twelve”, you should have understood where he was going with this.


When she has a crush, the Gemini does what any sensible teenager would do: tease him. A little juvenile and very mischievous, the sign of the Twins loves to play with its food. Gemini pesters you, looks for the little beast, and provokes you to take the temperature (and make it rise, with a little luck).


If Aries does not go through four paths, Cancer goes through your purest feelings: those of food. He picks you up where you are vulnerable, ordering you a cheese board, before inviting you to a restaurant and bringing you the cookies he baked with you in mind.


It’s impossible to misunderstand Leo’s intentions. When she flirts, it shows like the nose in the middle of her face. Like birds, she cartwheels, showing all her feathers and all her colors. You don’t know if she’s trying to seduce you or intimidate you? Probably both.


Virgo natives would be of the very fine and refined type. These protégés of Mercury, the planet of the mind, think a little too much. As a result, they think that you have received five out of five of these ultra-subtle (not to say invisible) signals that they are sending you. If you’re an Aries, you’ll have missed them all.


Very popular, Libra has this nice something. She is the good friend, the one who always gets closer to those who please her in all respects. At first. She invites her crush into her group of friends and even tells him about her dates, hoping to provoke a reaction, just to test the waters.


He was once told to “be yourself” and he felt that was the worst advice anyone could give him. He went so far as to talk about himself and will never forgive himself. Also, Scorpio decides to base flirting on his natural attractiveness and to play it quiet. Suffice it to say, wasted effort if his crush is a Gemini.


She knows she is charismatic and witty. Sagittarius does not hesitate to do stand-up, for the beautiful eyes of his crush. She keeps the jokes going and seeks to create a complicated dynamic. Its goal? Show you that she doesn’t take herself seriously.


Capricorn has no desire to waste time in a pseudo- fool’s game. His thing is to be factual. He asks you directly if you are interested, for what type of relationship, for what duration, and if you are making the conventional break.


With evasive messages and silences, Aquarius is the type to give space to her crush. A lot of space. It relies on its originality and its “in the moon” side to arouse interest. And then it takes him some time to google all your interests one by one to impress you with his knowledge.


” A map? I don’t have a plan. » It is in this state of mind that Pisces flirt. Honest, they are like an open book. They count on their refreshing sincerity and their listening skills but above all: they firmly believe that it will work. Even on Virgos.

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